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UK Athletics

Quick-fire Q&A with… Jemma Simpson

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Jemma Simpson
Simpson - speedily running away from darts coverage on the television
This month, Olympic 800m runner Jemma Simpson answers some quickfire questions with E-Inspire:



If I wasn’t an athlete I’d be a ..


A film producer – that would be my dream job outside of athletics. The recent David Cronenberg film Eastern Promises is a good one – I’d like to direct/produce something like that.


You would never catch me watching….




On the other hand I never miss an episode of…


Lost. My degree was in English Literature and Media and Lost contains a lot of references about literature, and the human condition, psychology, religion, philosophy – it’s done really well and I’m into that sort of thing.


My choice of radio station is….


Kiss 100 – it’s a London station that plays lots of up to date R ‘n B.


I would love to have a shopping spree in…


New York City!


If my house was on fire I would definitely save my (assuming family are already safe!!!)


I wouldn’t be able to leave without my photos and sentimental things.


The last film I watch at the cinema was;


Hancock. It was pretty good – I liked the idea of the underlying love story mixed with fantasy. That’s the downside, I can’t watch anything now without analysing it like I did in my degree!


Comedy genius to me is…. (e.g. name a tv or film comic, why you think they’re funny and their funniest scene)


I like Russell Brand and Ricky Gervais – they both do really good stand up comedy.




The silliest thing I have ever done in competition was…


I went to compete in an indoor meet earlier on this year and didn’t carry the essentials in my hand luggage – I’d packed my spikes, my orthotics, in fact all my important stuff into my checked in luggage. Did I mention that I was flying from Heathrow terminal 5 after it had just opened?! You can guess the rest, I didn’t see them for a week.


One of the first TV programmes I remember watching when I was young was…


Fawlty Towers – I think I was probably into cartoons but I just remember my dad had it on a lot.


Name a tune or artist on your I-pod:


Justin Nozuka – “after tonight”


What is the strangest picture you have on your mobile phone?


I have a video clip of my friends diving into bushes in a Manchester park. It’s one of those things that seemed funny at the time, but yes is probably quite a strange thing to have on a mobile.


What was the last book you read?


The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins – I’ve also recently read Russell Brand’s biography “My Booky wook”


Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver?




Joey or Chandler?






To suggest a question for future quick-fire Q&As email on E-Inspire@ukathletics.org.uk marking your subject heading as Q&A