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UK Athletics

Quick-fire Q&A with… John McFall

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John McFall
Quick run - someone wants you to watch Big Brother!
Paralympic athlete John McFall is busy making final preparations for his trip to Beijing! However he still took time out to answer some quickfire questions with E-Inspire:




If I wasn’t an athlete I’d be a...


At Medical School studying or I’d already be a doctor


You would never catch me watching….


Big Brother!  There’s no need for it – lots of insecure people put themselves in a house trying to win approval from the general public for who they are!


On the other hand I never miss an episode of…


Don’t have a favourite TV programme, but I would never miss a Welsh game of rugby..


My choice of radio station is….


Radio 2 – I’m not much of a Terry Wogan man, but Jeremy Vine and Chris Evans are good. Oh and I like a bit of Steve Wright in the afternoon. Basically anything from Ken Bruce onwards…


I would love to have a shopping spree in


Bondi – Australia – great place!


My first car was…


‘Benson’ – a C reg 1986 Ford Fiesta. I wrote it off by driving into the back of a friend on the way back from college one day.


If my house was on fire I would definitely save my (assuming family are already safe!!!)


My leg!


The last film I watch at the cinema was;


Iron Man


John McFall
John McFall - and the leg he would be sure to save in the event of a fire!

Comedy genius to me is…. 


Billy Connelly or Eddy Izzard.I like  Eddie Izzard’s God sketch where he plays Noah as Sean Connery


The silliest thing I have ever done in competition was…


I Forgot to hand my call card in! It was at the Dutch National Championships earlier this year. Luckily they still let me run – I won’t make that mistake again.


One of the first tv programmes I remember watching when I was young was…




What tunes are on your ipod...


A lot – recently I’ve been listening to Chilli Peppers and Foo Fighters


What is the strangest picture you have on your mobile phone?


A picture of a blow up bed on my mobile phone…..Why that? Oh I didn’t have a couch after moving flat and so… it’s a long story so I won’t bother!


What was the last book you read?


Roots – by Alex Haley


And finally - Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver


Jamie Oliver


Monica or Rachel?






To suggest a question for future quick-fire Q&As email on E-Inspire@ukathletics.org.uk marking your subject heading as Q&A