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UK Athletics

Quick-fire Q&A with… Nathan Douglas

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Athlete Profiles - Nathan Douglas
Nathan Douglas - he's the (Hugo) Boss
After an injury plagued 2007, Nathan Douglas is ready to make waves in 2008. He took time out from his busy training schedule to answer some quickfire questions with E-Inspire:


If I wasn’t an athlete I’d be a…


I’ve wanted to be an athlete since I was seven so that’s a tough one – can I say footballer?



You would never catch me watching….


Emmerdale – how can something be so boring and so dramatic at the same time – I only know this because it’s on at my mum’s house when I go there!



 On the other hand I never miss an episode of…


Heroes – it’s a comic book for adults – I like it – but then I liked Superman and Spiderman when I was younger so that makes sense.



 My choice of radio station is….


1xtra – I like hip hop and soul and they play all the recent stuff – and their sports coverage is quite good too.



I would love to have a shopping spree in…


Hugo Boss – can’t really go wrong there



My first car was…


A Vauxhall Corsa – and yes it had a name – Tallulah Jones – My mate told me that you have to give your first car a name – and I thought of Tallulah as a joke – I also kept hearing the song Me and Mrs Jones so the two came together.



Nathan Douglas in Alfa Romeo
Nathan Douglas in his Alfa Romeo - name yet to be decided

If my house was on fire I would definitely save my (assuming family are already safe!)…





The last film I watched at the cinema was...


Sex and the City – but can I just add that I was forced to go by a female friend? Please make sure you put that in!



Comedy genius to me is….


Chris Tucker – I would love to meet that guy – I would think he’s probably very similar in real life.



The silliest thing I have ever done in competition was…


At the NU Birmingham Indoor GP in 2007 I landed on my back in the sand pit during a jump. People thought I was badly injured as I lay still for a few seconds – but in actual fact I was laughing at myself wondering what had gone wrong and why I was on my back – I still get ribbed about it to this day.



One of the first TV programmes I remember watching when young was…


The A Team – BA was my favourite but I liked all the characters. Face, Murdoch Hannibal…



Name a tune or artist currently on your I-pod…


Kanye West



What is the strangest picture you have on your mobile phone?


I have a picture of a mate of mine when he was a lot younger and had a really embarrassing hair do with big curtains. I took a picture of a picture with my mobile – I had to make sure I had it on record!



What was the last book you read?


I’m currently reading Invincible Thinking by a Japanese bloke called Ryuho Okawa.



Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsey?


Gordon Ramsey



Monica or Rachel?





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