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UK Athletics

Quick-fire Q&A with… Stephen Miller

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Stephen Miller club throw
The sky's the limit - Miller in action at IPC World Championships in 2006
Legendary Paralympian Stephen Miller returned from Beijing with a silver medal from the club throw, but still managed to spare a moment for E-Inspire. Find out exactly who he thinks is “easy on the eye”, about cars bursting into flames and how good he is at plugging his own book!


If I wasn’t an athlete I’d be a ..


On the dole…nah I’d probably be working or looking for a job in IT, and doing web design full time – I’m currently part time.

You would never catch me watching….


Eastenders, its just full of annoying characters and terrible storylines, I don’t really watch any soaps, I can’t understand how people get hooked on them – Hollyoaks has fit girls in though.

On the other hand I never miss an episode of…


I don’t really watch TV regularly but I tend to watch the news as it’s quite interesting, and I try to make a habit of watching the One Show because Christine Bleakley is nice on the eyes.

My choice of radio station is…


Probably have to say XFM for music and 5 live for sport – although my dad often makes me endure Classic FM when he’s driving.


I would love to have a shopping spree in…


I have expensive tastes, so Macey’s in New York would be cool


My first car was…


Well I can’t drive but my parents had a Ford Capri when I was little, that was pretty funky until it caught fire in the middle of the night. I now own a Vauxhall Vivaro van, so I’m kind of a white van man.


The One Show
Christine Bleakley (the one on the right) considered 'easy on the eye' by Mr Miller
If my house was on fire I would definitely save my (assuming family are already safe!!!)


My computer because I use it so much and it’s a nice sexy PC – I’m a bit of an internet geek, admittedly but not in a weird way.

The last film I watch at the cinema was;

Hancock  - wasn’t too bad and Will Smith’s bum was impressive.


Comedy genius to me is…. (e.g. name a tv or film comic, why you think they’re funny and their funniest scene)


Chris Morris is my comic hero – namely his 90’s radio 1 shows, The Day Today, Brass Eye, Nathan Barley, and Blue Jam.


Also I love Armando Iannucci’s work, particularly The Thick of IT. I like dry humour that laughs at the failings of society.


The silliest thing I have ever done in competition was…


I don’t tend to do silly things in competitions – in Atlanta 1996 my competition was delayed so I went to sleep for an hour in the call room.


One of the first TV programmes I remember watching when I was young was…


I loved Transformers – it was my obsession as a kid.


Name a tune or artist on your Ipod:


I have over 6,000 songs to choose from, but I’ve recently been listening to Joy Division and Morrissey.


What is the strangest picture you have on your mobile phone?


Probably of me and a woman from my holidays in Tenerife, we’re in a bar and we have an inflatable ring around us, very strange.


What was the last book you read?


My book! – Stephen Miller: Paralympian, My autobiography – Buy it now!


Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver


Ramsey – can’t beat a bit of fantastic swearing.


Monica or Rachel  OR Joey or Chandler?


Rachel and Joey !





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