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UK Athletics

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Each E-Inspire, we focus on giving you a quick and painless guide on any subject matter in athletics in eight easy-to-digest points.

Today we explain the ins and outs and the “shake it all abouts” of the UK Athletics Annual Awards supported by Heidsieck & Co Monopole Champagne.


Not another Awards Ceremony?

No not another awards ceremony – The award ceremony celebrating the best of athletics in the UK. The only events where coaches, officials, clubs and club volunteers are recognised on the national stage. The grassroots, the glory, and the best of our sport in one glorious evening.


What no athlete awards?

This is where the event comes into its own. Clubs are recognised for track and field performance, off track performance, junior strength and for their inclusivity. The only individual award is for the BOA selected athlete of the year award which is made at the ceremony.



Uk Athletics 2008 Awards Dinner


So no swanky elite athletes, Olympians and Paralympians dressed in their finest for the rest of us to meet then?

Yes – top athletes each year attend to support their own clubs, give awards and generally celebrate the sport. It is one of the most popular events in the calendar and one that is a superb evening for all those involved.


Ok – so back to the awards – what else is on offer?

There are awards under the following categories: volunteers, officials, coaches and athletics partnerships on offer.


I get the first three but Athletics partnerships – like married couples? (ha ha)

No not quite. The awards recognise partnerships in the sport where two bodies or groups etc have come together to work well in promoting and developing athletics. This could be a club that works well with another club to share facilities, a local authority working well with a club to support activities, or even just a successful scheme between a school and a club.



Athletes at the 2007 Awards Dinner
Swanky looking athletes will turn out in force

So how do they whittle it down to the final evening?

The awards take place on a regional or home country basis first and foremost and then the regional winners go forward to the national awards stage. This year’s Awards Evening takes place on Saturday 29 November at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham.


A Champagne moment

Of course the evening couldn’t take place without the support of Heidsieck & Co Monopole Champagne – winners of regional awards will all run off with a bottle of the fizzy stuff - whilst National award winners will receive a magnum of the good stuff to celebrate their moment in the spotlight, and there will also be plenty available to raise a toast on the evening.


Ok, I’m sold but I’m neither a coach, volunteer, official or involved in running a club – can I still go?

Of course and the best part about it is that you don’t need to be any of these to enjoy what is a superb evening. If you like athletics you will enjoy the chance to celebrate those people who make it happen, so raise your glasses, put on your dancing shoes and join us at the end of November.



For more information on the UK Awards Evening 2008 click here