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Currently Ineligible to Compete

Last updated: 19/04/2017


Athletes/ athlete support personnel (ASP) suspended following an Anti-Doping Rule Violation are required to complete certain reinstatement criteria before regaining eligibility to participate in athletics.

The UK athletes/ ASP listed below currently remain ineligible.

If you have any queries about the status of any of the athletes or ASP listed below, please contact David Herbert, Clean Athletics Manager by email dherbert@cleanathletics.org.uk or mobile 07803 671978.

Please refer to the Notices and News page for full press releases



Date of Birth

Period of Ban as imposed by Disciplinary Panel

Current Status

Ian Burns 


19/05/2012 - 18/05/2016

Ineligible to compete*

Mark Edwards 


03/11/2010 - 02/11/2013

Ineligible to compete*

Paul Edwards 


Life Ban

Ineligible to compete

Carl Fletcher 


08/11/2011 - 07/11/2015

Ineligible to compete*

Kieren Kelly 


08/02/2010 - 07/02/2012

Ineligible to compete*

Robert Myring-Thomson

Provisionally suspended

Provisionally suspended 

Callum Priestley 


19/02/2010 - 18/02/2012

Ineligible to compete*

George Skafidas
(Former Coach)


Life Ban

Life Ban - all sports

*Athlete has either not sought reinstatement, or the
reinstatement process has not yet been completed