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UK Athletics

british athletics Futures Programme 2016/17

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Programme Outline

“Futures” is a British Athletics support programme for athletes and their coaches which underpins the World Class Performance Programme (WCPP).  The 2016-17 programme runs from 1 December 2016 to 30 November 2017 and will continue British Athletics’ drive towards more targeted support for highly promising athletes and their coaches.

The Futures programme underpins the WCPP and aims to support the next generation of athletes with the potential to develop onto and then through the WCPP to win medals at future Olympic and Paralympic Games. Athletes and their coaches’ individual development plans will be supported based on their agreed annual plan, allowing for flexibility and individual discretion around distribution of resources.

For the 2016-17 programme, athlete-coach pairs will be considered and, if selected by the Selection Panel [1], invited to join the programme in December 2016.  Athletes retained or invited onto the programme will be asked to submit, with their coaches, an annual plan, including competition and training plans and a proposed budget.  These must be received before the programme start date (1 December 2016) and failure to do so could result in the athlete being removed from the programme or their invitation withdrawn.

Places on Futures are limited and therefore the programme works in line with SportsAid to nominate further athletes for priority, national and ‘extra’ support to assist with their development plans (see below).

Programme Benefits


  • By application, financial assistance towards individual development plans and supporting the athlete(s) in training and competition;
  • Mentoring and support as appropriate  - linked into the British Athletics National Performance Institute (NPI) coaches and the National Coach Development Programme (in England) as applicable; and
  • Nike Futures kit drop (tbc).


  • Financial assistance towards training and competition costs;
  • Team GB ‘Gold Club’ – formerly Olympic Passport Scheme;
  • Medical Insurance Scheme, as appropriate; 
  • Access to EIS doctors, physiotherapy and other support services, by agreement through British Athletics, partner organisations or approved providers (via athlete’s budget);
  • Media training and guidance; and
  • Nike Futures kit drop for non-contracted athletes (tbc)

Athletes based primarily overseas may be considered for Futures support on a case-by-case basis.  NB the level of support for athlete and coach may differ from the above, particularly when taking into account the level of input/influence that may be possible based on individual circumstances and location.  Coaches based overseas cannot be supported via this programme.

Selection process

Places on the 2016-17  Futures programme are limited. The purpose of the Selection Panel [1] is to prioritise athletes who have the best chance of developing onto and then through the WCPP to win medals at future Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Panel will make their selection at the beginning of November 2016, following the WCPP selection process.

For these developing athletes in the tier just below WCPP, analysis of performance alone is not an adequate predictor of future success.  All of the following, as well as any other factors that may be deemed relevant, will be considered by the Panel when assessing an athlete’s ability to “bridge the gap” to the WCPP.

a. Any recommendation/opinion from the relevant ESC and WCPP selection Meetings.

b. Athlete’s performance profile (should be rising at least equal to or steeper rate than the event trend);

c. Athlete’s position on the relevant Performance Funnel;

d. Athlete’s major competition history (including, specifically, performances at the 2015 & 2016 European and World U18 & U20 Championships)

e. Event trends/progression;

f. Athlete’s injury and training history;

g. Athlete’s lifestyle and training environment;

h. Athlete’s maturation (in primary or potential future events); and

i. Athlete’s ability to perform under pressure.

Athletes on the current 2015-16 programme will have their position on the programme reviewed, based on their 2016 season performances, individual circumstances, input from Futures and Talent Management teamand Event Group Lead staff (or individuals nominated to act in this respect).  Athletes will be considered for a further years’ support IF they fulfil the selection criteria above.


Only athletes eligible to compete for TeamGB or ParalympicsGB at the Olympic or Paralympic Games will be considered for be inclusion on the Futures programme.

Athletes with a current illness or injury, or a history of past serious injuries or illnesses will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  All athletes invited onto the 2016-17 programme will be required to complete a medical form and, if deemed necessary by British Athletics’ Chief Medical Officer, undergo further examination to assess their medical status.  Any falsification on the medical forms may lead to removal from the programme.


British Athletics will recommend a number of the unsuccessful Futures candidates to SportsAid for a Priority Award.  However, in order to be considered for SportsAid awards, athletes must complete a SportsAid online application form.  Details of how to apply will be available on the Home Countries athletics websites and British Athletics website from mid-October.

Coaches of these athletes will still be considered for priority nomination for development opportunities and should contact Sharon Morris, British Athletics Development Programme Senior Coordinator , for further information if required - smorris@britishathletics.org.uk


Grounds for appeal are limited to cases where it is felt that a decision has been reached on the basis of an error of fact or the selection process was not followed.  Only individuals excluded from the programme are entitled to appeal regarding their own individual case.  All such appeals should be made within 10 working days of the announcement of the Futures Programme on the British Athletics website (mid-November 2016) to Charlie Burn, British Athletics Performance Programme Senior Coordinator, cburn@britishathletics.org.uk

The relevant Event Group Head and Selection Panel Chair will consider the query and if necessary, refer the decision back to the Selection Panel for re-consideration.  The athlete will be notified of the decision in writing along with reasons for the decision.