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UK Athletics

The E-Inspire Athlete Multi-Blog

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With the Olympic Games athletics programme set to start tomorrow, and our Paralympians just days away from their team GB preparation camp, E-Inspire heard the final last minute thoughts from our top athletes.


Tracy Hinton T11 100m / 200m / 400m

I’m excited and nervous, even going into my fifth games. I’m really looking forward to competing and the standard has improved so much since Barcelona in 1992.

I was in Beijing for the test event so I think I know what to expect from the facilities and that dreaded smog. It really can be a problem; after a while it does start to hurt your sinuses.

Hopefully that won’t affect me too much and I can medal in (T11) 200 and 400 metres.


Liz Yelling Women's marathon

The hard work now is done. It is just a case of turning my legs over to keep the tension in the muscles. It is more about the mind now and staying positive mentally. I haven’t got my last training session to remind me of the shape I am in. I just have to have trust in the work I have done over the past few months. There is a different buzz in the air when it comes to the Olympics. It really hit home when I saw people starting to leave Macau today. It’s what we have all been training for. I still feel a bit removed and not really IN IT until I get to the athletes village. Then I have to really switch on.


Ian Jones T44 200m / 400m

I’m really looking forward to just about everything. Everything looks fantastic and the Chinese seem to have done a great job, and its not often you get the opportunity to go and see a place like Beijing.

It’ll be great to have all my family to come out and watch me compete and hopefully do them proud.

I’m really hoping to medal in the (T44) 400m but mainly I’m just looking to gain some experience ahead of 2012.


Tom Parsons High Jump 

I’m very excited about getting to the Olympic village. I want it to just hurry up and get there now. I have had some awesome training sessions, setting PBs in training in the wet and the dry. I’ve checked out the forecast for my qualifying rounds and it looks good, so I’m expecting to go there and qualify for the final. I’m also looking forward to watching some of the athletics too. I train in Birmingham with both Kelly Sotherton and Julie Hollman, so I’m going to go and watch them in the first day of the heptathlon.


Kim Minett F40 Shot

Am I nervous going in to the games? Yes and no. Having been to Athens, you know what to expect from a Paralympics but then again it’s the sports major competition and it is only every four years, so you’ve really got to take that chance.

My family wont be coming with me, as them being there would be just one more thing to think about. I just want to focus on competing.

Although the games give me a great chance to catch up with some of my former teammates on the swim team.


Goldie Sayers  Javelin

I could not have asked for more at the holding camp. I couldn’t have asked for a better atmosphere. I’m really happy with the way things are going. I just have a couple more days and a couple more sessions, then I will be ready.”


Rebecca Chin F44 Shot / Discus

I’m excited about just about everything. These are my first games and I can’t wait to go out to China and experience the athlete’s village and feel like a proper athlete.

I’ve always wanted to go to China and it's just great that I can do it this way.

I’m looking to really gain some experience in Beijing. My ultimate goal is 2012 but I’m going to give it my all and hopefully get a few PBs while I’m there. My mum and sister will be flying out with me to cheer me on, so that’ll be great.


Dan Robinson Men’s marathon

I feel good. I will have been at the holding camp a week longer for three weeks, one week more than I was last year for the World Championships and I think I have needed that extra week. It’s been good to know the hotel and know the trails as well. Training has gone well. To be honest it’s been good all year and it’s just been a continuation of that.

The village could be quite stressful, but the camp has had a relaxed atmosphere which has helped and I’m feeling really positive. Once the athletics starts it will all start to go quite quickly. As it gets closer the feelings of anticipation and excitement grow day to day.


Kenny Churchill  F37 Javelin

I’m trying hard to concentrate on my training ahead of the games, working on my technique among other aspects. Keeping my mind on training keeps me from getting nervous.

My partner Claire Williams will also be competing in the Shot (F12) at Beijing, so I’ll always have some support out there, but our daughter Gracie will be staying at home which will be really hard.

This may be my fifth Paralympics but I’m still hoping it won’t be my last. I’m hoping to still be reigning champion going into 2012!