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UK Athletics

Quick-fire Q&A with…

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Donna Fraser with Olympic Gold Medalist from Sydney 2000, Cathy Freeman
Quick, get up - there's a Jimmy Choos sale on in town!
With four Olympic Games under her belt and a career best of fourth place in the Sydney Olympics Donna Fraser still has an appetite to perform at the highest level. In between organising her shoe collection and missing her first car, she took time out to answer some quickfire questions with E-Inspire:



If I wasn’t an athlete I’d be a...


Something in travel/tourism, maybe an Air Hostess (1st Class of course) or a Basketball player – if that counts!



You would never catch me watching….


Big Brother (boooo)!


On the other hand I never miss an episode of…


I have missed a few, but I try not to miss Americas Next Top Model, CSI (Vegas) and “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”




My choice of radio station is….


Choice FM – They play a mixture of RnB, Dancehall…the stuff I like!



I would love to have a shopping spree in…


LA baby!!!! – more shoes! I have a shoe fetish and I actually think I have issues…I have shoes of all colours and styles, almost a pair to go with every outfit that I have and then of course you have to get the bag to match!  


I’m a bargain hunter, so will usually get my shoes in the sale and buy the unusual ones that no-one wants, so the most I’ve paid for a pair of shoes is about £65!  Bargain!!!! 


I’m not really a brand name person either – if the shoe fits and looks good, I’ll buy them! I like to wear heals, despite my height, but have to be careful because of my Achilles, so I have many pairs that have not yet been worn.



My first car was…


a Fiat Uno in red, called KYM (because of her registration plate) – ahhh I miss her



If my house was on fire I would definitely save my (assuming family are already safe!!!)


Come on now…of course my Shoe collection



The last film I watch at the cinema was:


Batman – loved the Joker’s pursebelt when he was dressed as a nurse….I had one of those at school, how hilarious


Donna Fraser in flag-bearing duty
Tub-thumping and flag waving, that's our Donna


Comedy genius to me is…. 


Whoopie Goldberg - The Associate and Chris Tucker, they both always makes me laugh!



The silliest thing I have ever done in competition was…


Not run fast enough!




One of the first TV programmes I remember watching when I was young was…


Sesame Street and Rainbow…oh and playschool - through the round window! I loved Grover and Elmo in Sesame Street, Bungle in Rainbow and Little Ted in Playschool, although Jemima wasn’t bad




Name a tune or artist on your Ipod:


Jodeci (old skool) – “My heart belongs to you…” I’m a bit of a romantic!!!!



What is the strangest picture you have on your mobile phone?


The booty of a “Butler in the Buff”…long story, so I won’t go there!



What was the last book you read? 


Extra Confessions of a Working Girl



Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver – Gordon Ramsey

Monica or Raychel  OR Joey or Chandler?  Neither! Ask me about Bond e.g. Sean Connery or Roger Moore - SEAN!




To suggest a question for future quick-fire Q&As email on E-Inspire@ukathletics.org.uk marking your subject heading as Q&A