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UK Athletics

Hall of Fame Athletes

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Hall of Fame


About the Hall of Fame

This section of the website contains a number of informative articles, relating to some of the past great athletes of our sport. With so many great names to choose from it has been difficult to decide who should actually feature in this area, but after a long discussion we have decided to feature those retired athletes that have at some point in their careers, set a world record, or won a gold medal at the World Championships or Olympics.  



1990's to Present

Kriss Akabusi 4 x 400m Relay (Gold Medal 1991 Worlds)
Steve Backley Javelin (World Record 1992)
Roger Black 4 x 400m Relay (Gold Medal 1991 Worlds)
Darren Campbell 4 x 100m Relay (Gold Medal, 2004 Olympics)
Linford Christie 100m (Gold Medal 1992 Olympics, 1993 Worlds)
Jonathan Edwards Triple Jump (Gold Medal 2000 Olympics, 1995, 2001 Worlds)
Peter Elliott 1500m (World Indoor Record 1990)
Sally Gunnell 400m Hurdles (Gold Medal 1992 Olympics, 1993 Worlds, World Record 1993)
Kelly Holmes 800m & 1500m (Gold Medal, 2004 Olympics)
Colin Jackson 110m Hurdles (Gold Medal 1993 & 1999 Worlds, World Record 1999)
Denise Lewis Heptahlon (Gold Medal 2000 Olympics)
Liz McColgan 10,000m (Gold Medal, 1991 Worlds)
Derek Redmond 4 x 400m Relay (Gold Medal 1991 Worlds)
John Regis 4 x 400m Relay (Gold Medal 1991 Worlds)



1980's athletes

Steve Cram 1500m (World Champion 1983, WR 1500m, Mile and 2000m)
Steve Ovett  800m and 1500m (Olympic 800m champion 1980, WR 1500m)
Dave Moorcroft 1500m and 5000m (World Record 1980 5000m)
Paula Fudge 5000m (World Record 1981)
Tessa Sanderson Javelin (Olympics 1984)
Fatima Whitbread Javelin (World Champs 1987 + World Record)
Allan Wells 1980 100m (Olympics 1980)
Daley Thompson Decathlon (Olympics 1980, 1984 + World Records)
Sebastian Coe 1500m (Olympics 1980, 1984 + World Records)
Zola Budd 5000m (World Record 1985)




David Bedford 10,000m (World Record 1973)
Brendan Foster 3,000m & 2 Miles (World Records 1974 & 1973)
Mary Peters Pentathlon (Olympics & World Record 1972)

1960'S athletes

Daphne Arden 4 x 110y (World Record 1963)
Pauline Attwood  4 x 400 (World Record 1969)
Lillian Board 4 x 400m (World Record 1969)
Madeleine Weston/Cobb 4 x 110y (World Record 1958) 4 x 110y (World Record 1963)
Lynn Davies Long Jump (Olympics 1964)
David Hemery 400m Hurdles (Olympics & World Record 1968)
Dorothy Hyman 4 x 110y (World Record 1963), 4 x 110y (World Record 1958)
Berwyn Jones 4 x 110y  (World Record 1963)
David Jones 4 x 110y  (World Record 1963)
Ron Jones 4 x 110y  (World Record 1963)
Joy Jordan 880y (World Record 1960)
Pat Lowe 4 x 400m (World Record 1969)
Ann Packer 1964 Great Britain (Olympics 1964)
Jenny Pawsey 4 x 400 (World Record 1969)
Peter Radford 4 x 110y  (World Record 1963), 200m 220y (World Record 1960)
Mary Rand 4 x 110y (World Record 1963) 1964 Long Jump (Olympics & World Record)
Janet Simpson 4 x 400 (World Record 1969)
Anne Smith 1500m, 1 Mile (World Records 1967)
Rosemary Stirling 4 x 400m (World Record 1969)
Don Thompson 50km Road Walk (Olympics 1960)


1950's athletes:

Roger Bannister 1 Mile (World Record 1954)
Chris Brasher 3,000m Steeplechase (Olympics 1956)
Chris Chataway 3 Miles & 5000m (World Record 1954)
Freddie Green 3 Miles (World Record 1954)
Molly Hiscox 440y  (World Record 1958)
Thelma Hopkins High Jump (World Record 1956)
Derek Ibbotson 1 Mile (World Record 1957)
Diane Leather 880y (World Record 1954)
June Paul 4 x 110y (World Record 1958)
Gordon Pirie 3,000m & 5,000m (World Record 1956)
Heather Armitage/Young 4 x 110y (World Record 1958)

More athletes will be added in due course.