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           UKAD provide information about the status of CBD within sport and the risks associated with the use of                     CBD products for athletes subject to the rules of anti-doping.  January 2019

           Nigel Levine suspended from all sport for four years.  20 November 2018

           Athletes and support personnel are encouraged to become familiar with the new List and how it may affect
           them.  14 November 2018

           Jo Blair Decision by UKAD. 3 August 2018

           UKA details its continued commitment to clean sport over the next four years.  20 April 2018

           UKAD issue information for athletes regarding Berlinger security bottles.  13 March 2018

           Robert Myring-Thomson suspended from all sport for four years.  04 October 2017

           Former licensed coach receives lifetime ban from all sport.  16 March 2016


            Shot putter Carl Fletcher banned for four years. 21 November 2011