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Anti Doping Education Landscape


UKA is 100% committed to Clean Athletics through; 

  • Investment in personal athlete education         

  • Comprehensive programmes of 'no notice' testing,
    in and out of competition

  • Full cooperation with both UK and International Anti-Doping Authorities

 Through effective education and information programmes, UKA’s aim is: 

  • To create  a  generation  of  athletes  who  have  confidence  in  their  ability to  succeed  in  athletics  without resorting to the misuse of prohibited substances or prohibited methods.

  • To  create  a  generation  of support  personnel  who understand  that  the  athletes they work with  can achieve their  goals  without  resorting  to  prohibited substances  or  prohibited  methods,  and  who  embrace  their obligations within the Clean Athletics principles.  

  • To create a generation of athletics supporters who are sensitive to issues of doping in sport in an effort to increase their receptivity to prevention messages so that they can play their part in fostering clean athletics. 


View the Clean Athletics Education Strategy 2018-2022 to learn more.


Visit the UK Anti-Doping website to find out everything you need to know to support Clean Athletics. This is a great resource for athletes, coaches, parents and support personnel.

What to expect during a Sample Collection procedure ...

Watch this video to see what the testing procedure looks like, thanks to a little help from Lynsey Sharp.