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UK Athletics

Volunteer Selection Additional Information


 Congratulations on your selection for the Athletics World Cup. We look forward to you being part of theTeam!

Please complete the below form with the additional information to confirm your role. If you require further information please contact volunteer@athleticsworldcup.org

Please note this must be completed by midday on Thursday 31st May.


» Indicates required fields

AWC Additional Information Form Volunteers
Personal Details
Please indicate your t-shirt size by checking the appropriate box (sizes can be changed on event day) »
Emergency Contact Details
Do you have any specific accessibility or special requirements that we should be aware of to enable us to assist you in your potential role?  »
Do you have any medical conditions requiring medical treatment, including medication that we should be aware of in case of an emergency?  »
Are you allergic to any medication?  »
Do you have any special dietary requirements?  »
I agree to inform UKA as soon as possible of any changes in the medical or other circumstances between now and the specified end of the activity.  »
I understand that this event is televised and available on many different platforms, therfore by attending the event you give your permission for video or photographs that you in to be used on these platforms »
You are about to submit your acceptance to volunteer in a designated role at the Athletics World Cup. Meals while on site working on the event will be provided however accommodation and travel costs will not be covered for volunteers and by submitting this form, you agree to source your own accommodation and travel if you require any for the duration of the event.  »