Licensing Decisions – Coaches

UK Athletics is responsible (under the terms and conditions for a coach licence) for deciding whether an application for a coach licence should be refused or an existing coach licence should be withdrawn, suspended or not renewed.

In the following cases, UKA has considered evidence and determined that one of the circumstances for withdrawal of a licence set out in the condition 6.1 of the Coach Licence Terms and Conditions, existed or one of the circumstances for refusal to issue a licence under condition 2.3 coach licences existed.

Accordingly the coaches listed below are not licensed by UKA.

If you have any queries about the status of any of the coaches listed below or any other coach please contact the Lead Safeguarding Officer at Please note that he may be unable to give further details about any particular decision.

Name Club or Athletics Facility at which person operates Coach licence number Data of decision Licence status Data licence may be reapplied for (subject to reinstatement conditions where applicable)
John Lees City of Edinburgh AC 2659556 17/11/21 Withdrawn Life time ban
Chris King Croydon Harriers 2958620 27/07/21 Withdrawn 22/03/22
Adam Tofield Devon 2905333 24/11/15 Withdrawn 24/08/18
Jamie Osborne Swindon 2928663 07/04/15 Withdrawn 03/03/34
Tim Snowdon Wiltshire 2657675 08/04/15 Withdrawn 12/02/33
Darrel Bunn Birmingham 2658429 20/08/14 Withdrawn 20/08/34
Roger Devlin Manchester 2660342 15/10/13 Withdrawn 26/11/18
George Skafidas Lincoln 2679929 12/08/13 Withdrawn 12/08/18
Martyn Minter Reading 105165/09 05/12/06 Withdrawn No Date Set
John Houghton Woking 107265/08 18/01/07 Not Renewed 13/12/13
Michael Smith
Jason Crook Liverpool 119110/02 11/04/07 Not Renewed No Date Set
David Cottam Darlington 103587/01 11/04/07 Not Renewed No Date Set
Simon Richardson Sheffield 03/107833 14/12/07 Withdrawn No Date Set
Ian David Pudge Lancashire 135796/02 10/09/08 Withdrawn No Date Set
Andrew Edwards Worcestershire 101414/08 31/03/09 Withdrawn No Date Set
James Bryce Dunfermline and West Fife AC 2657699 12/01/2010 Refused
Marcel Gray Wales & Cheshire
Allan Thomas Ellis Deeside Athletic Club 2666623 25/07/12 Withdrawn No Date Set