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UK Athletics

Coaching assistant 

Coaching Assistant

Course Name: Coaching Assistant
Environment: On-Track
Age Requirement: 16
Assessment: No
Pre-requisites: None, a great first step for new coaches
Once qualified will I require supervision: Yes
Looking ahead what’s next: Athletics Coach
Alternatives: LiRF- if you wish to assist purely in an off-track environment.
Lunch: Not included. (We cannot guarantee that all venues have refreshment facilities so please bring lunch and a drink with you).


The course is recommended for those that have decided to embark on the coaching pathway and forms the first step in their commitment to that process.
The course duration is two days and will usually be run over one weekend. There is no assessment element. A Coaching Assistant license will be awarded to successful attendees on completion, who have engaged in the tasks and activities throughout the course and demonstrated engagement following any discussions with course staff.
Coaches who opt for this pathway will obtain an introduction to coaching athletic events via a range of run, jump and throw activities.

Role of CA

A Coaching Assistant has many different roles.

• Supporting a Coach in the delivery of athletics sessions. This may be working alongside an Athletics Coach or Event Group coach, so Coaching Assistants require a wide range of knowledge.

• Delivering units of a session on behalf of a Supervising Coach. (Although a Supervising Coach must always be present, a Coaching Assistant may coach in another area of the venue as long as they are delivering a session created by the Supervising Coach).

• At the end of the course, the Coaching Assistant should be in a position to contribute to the planning of sessions.

• In advance of a session, the Coaching Assistant should receive detailed guidance from the Supervising Coach on the session content, goals and focus. This could be in the form of a selection of task cards or a session plan from which to work. Prior to the session there should be an opportunity for the Supervising Coach and the Coaching Assistant to discuss any questions or issues that may have arisen.

Right person
To be eligible for this course you must be 16 years or over. The Coaching Assistant Award is aimed particularly at adults, athletes, ex-athletes and parents who are working with athletes who fall within the Fundamentals and Event Group Development stages of the athlete development model.
An important point to note is that this course is not about individual athletics events. Coaching Assistants will not learn how to develop pole vault, but will be introduced to the movement and mechanical principals of running, jumping and throwing as a basis for success in all athletic events. The Award covers the core coaching skills of demonstration, observation, analysis and feedback.
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion:
The Equality Act 2010 defines a disabled person as someone who has a physical or mental impairment that has a substantial and long-term negative affect on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities and we are committed to eliminating discrimination and encouraging diversity and inclusion within our sport. To ensure the coach qualification process provides equality and fairness it is important that:
• We understand the nature of candidates’ disability, so the course tutor is aware and can make reasonable adjustments ahead of the course being undertake
• We support candidates with early interventions where candidates may not be engaging within the course.
Candidates must engage in tasks and activities throughout the course and demonstrate improvement following any discussions with course staff. Candidates not engaging within all aspects of the course are at risk of not gaining the qualification at the end of the process.
DBS & Safeguarding:
For a coaching license to be processed, coaches are required to complete the UKA Safeguarding training module online and have a current police record check, DBS. Checks are not transferable between sports and other organisations therefore UKA must have a new check made. The DBS itself is free for club volunteers. For details on how to arrange a DBS check, please click here.

Course Structure 1

The course structure is summarised below:
• Attend the two day course (9am-5pm)
• Submit DBS form.
• Complete UKA Safeguarding training module
• Once all the above elements have been completed you will receive your Coaching License.

The course is run over two full days (9-5pm). The day consists of a mix of classroom and practical sessions. There is an element of physical activity throughout the day so you should come dressed for light exercise. Throughout the day you will be expected to actively participate in sessions for example, leading groups running task card activities and acting as athletes whilst others are leading. At the end of the second day there is the opportunity for coaching practice. You will deliver a set activity from a task card or session plan. You can prepare for this by familiarising yourself with the layout of the task cards before attending the course.

Topics 1

Below is a summary of the topics covered on the Coaching Assistant Award:

• The role of the Coaching Assistant
• Working relationship with Supervising Coach
• Session structure
• Fundamental Movement Skills
• Basic mechanics of running, jumping and throwing
• Coaching interventions
• Coaching styles
• Athlete development
• Behaviour management and its effect on group management
• Factors influencing performance 
• Energy systems
• Coaching Skills: Organisation, Safety, Instruction & Explanation, Demonstration, Observation & Analysis, and Feedback.

Resources 1

All of the excellent resources for the Coaching Assistant award can be found in your My Learning section. Once you have booked on the course, you will receive a direct link to this. 
Resources are available in enlarged print. Please contact your Home Country Education Coordinator for further details.

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