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Aviva 2012 Trials 24 June 2012

Men's 5000m Walk Final - Winner - Alex Wright

It was hard. My season’s pretty much over now because my usual race distance is 20km and there aren’t any more of those left now. I just came out to see what I can do, it’s good for my speed.


Men's Hammer Final - Winner - Alex Smith

It feels great to be back on that sort of form, especially to do well in the national championships. I’ve got a competition next week in a good place, with a good circle, so I’m confident going forward. [On whether he feels he would be the right man to go to London 2012] I think so, yes. With the extra training, the relaxation, knowing what’s going on, I’ll be able to push forward and get 75.76m, maybe even further than that.

Men’s 200m Heat One - Winner - Chris Clarke

It’s a PB so I’m happy. Hopefully I can go quicker and get an A standard in the final and finish in the top three, that’s what I want. I’m trying to get over the disappointment from yesterday and not making the 400m final, but hopefully I’ll redeem myself. I’m looking forward to tonight.

Men's 200m Heat Two - Winner - David Bolarinwa

I feel tired but I think it went good. I just wanted to put a good race together and I did that today.

Men's 200m Heat Four - Winner - James Ellington

It was good to roll out the legs. Conditions wereNnt great but I won the heat so that’s all that matters. Onto the final now.

Men's 200m Heat Five - Winner - Danny Talbot

It went brilliantly, the race went exactly how I wanted it to. I was happy to draw Christian (Malcolm) because I could just sit on him. I think I’m in good form at the moment so hopefully the final will be alright.


Women's 5000m Walk Final - Winner - Johanna Jackson

I’m not too pleased with the time. I was hoping to break 21:40 today so it’s a bit sluggish. It’s a bit windy out there and I was racing on my own, normally I have the men to chase so it’s a bit of a different scenario for me today. I haven’t had too many races this season because I had keyhole surgery on my knee in October and only got back to race walking in about February. I’ve just been building on that since. Every race is a massive leap forward for me now so I think by London everything should be right again.


Men's 110m Hurdles Heats

Heat One - Winner - William Sharman

It was alright, I’m feeling good for the final. I’m hoping to win it, you can’t come here for anything else.

Heat Two - Winner - Lawrence Clarke

The competition couldn’t be better. I’m privileged to be here. Andy Pozzi is very much snapping at my heels and Andy Turner is my idol, so the final is going to be nerve-wracking.

Heat Three - Winner - Andrew Pozzi

That was good, I’m pleased with how it went. I’m feeling good for the final.

Heat Four - Winner - Andy Turner

It was just the heat, you’ve got to go through the motions in qualifying, it’s about saving your best for the next race.


Women's Long Jump Final - Winner - Shara Proctor

I’m just on top of the world right now. I got the British record, I’m going to the Olympics; how good can it get?! It was not good conditions but I said to myself London might be like this so I have to prepare and do my best no matter what so that’s what I did today. I have what it takes, I have to go back and work on some technical problems and I’ll be fine.

Women's Long Jump Final - 6th - Jessica Ennis

I’m obviously disappointed with the long jump, just because I didn’t quite have my rhythm right on the runway which needs a little bit of work. Generally the weekend has been good, I’m happy with the afternoon’s performance so I can’t complain too much. I’m pretty happy with the way things are going. I think I’m in good shape and that’s shown with my performances so far. It’s been a good opportunity to come here and not have the pressure of having to qualify for the championships and just enjoying it and seeing which areas I need to work on. It’s not great weather but it could rain in London, it probably will so we had better get used to it.


Men's Shot Put Final - Winner - Carl Myerscough

I’m happy with the win because it’s my tenth consecutive, so I’m proud of that. I would have liked to have thrown further, conditions were difficult. I’ve got discus now and hoping to do well in that, Europeans next week, all is well.


Men's High Jump Final - Winner - Robbie Grabarz

It was a really good win. It was not as high as I’d have liked to jump, but a win nonetheless and that’s what I came here for. The weather wasn’t great but it’s not freezing cold and there weren’t any gusty winds and you’ve got to expect that. I think the excitement at having my first national title and qualifying for the Games was why I didn’t jump my highest rather than the weather.


Men's 5,000m Final - Winner - Ross Millington

I could see how (my win) could be a surprise to a lot of people but it wasn’t a surprise for me to come here and win. This year hasn’t been great time-wise for me but I’m extremely happy.

Men's 5,000m Final - 2nd - Nick McCormick

I’m absolutely over the moon, I’ve made my first Olympics at 30 years old so it’s been a long time coming. I’m delighted to run into the selection after running the qualifying time two weeks ago. I really wanted to win today so all credit to Ross for his great run, it was a good tactical battle and just what I need a reality check. I need to work hard now in training and I want to make the final (in London).


Women's 200m Heats

Heat One - Winner - Anyika Onoura

It was nice and relaxed. It was good to win the race so it’s cool. Bring on the final.

Heat Two - Winner - Margaret Adeoye

I knew I had to execute as there are some fast girls in the heat, so I just had to go for it. I hadn’t done a 200m in about a month so I really had to see what I could do. We’ll see what happens in the final.

Heat Three - Winner - Joice Maduaka

It’s a win. I ran for the lane, it’s all about the final really.


Women's Javelin Final - Winner - Goldie Sayers

I’m very proud to have won my tenth title. I was hoping to throw further but the conditions weren’t the best. I feel very privileged to be able to go to a home Olympics, my third as well so it doesn’t get any better than that. A personal best and a British record in the final would be the ultimate dream.


Women's 400m Hurdles Final - Winner - Perri Shakes-Drayton

It was good, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, it was a good battle. I’m very happy to retain my title.

Women's 400m Hurdles Final - 2nd - Eilidh Child

It was a bit bittersweet because obviously I’d like to have won the race but I hit that last hurdle. I crossed the finish line a bit gutted but then I’m going to the Olympics so I’m really happy at the same time. It’s a bit of a funny feeling. I’m obviously over the moon that I’ve secured that spot to the Olympics. I did come here thinking top two is what I need to do.


Men's 400m Final - Winner - Martyn Rooney

The race was great, it was competitive. I can’t say I ran amazingly but I’m happy just to get a result. To get Olympic qualification out of it is exciting. Now I can go into the next couple of weeks knowing what I need to do. I’ve got to run 44-low, simple as that. It’s a nice place to be.

Men's 400m Final - Winner - Conrad Williams

It feels great to be qualified for my first Olympic Games as an individual athlete. I can tick that off and say I’ve been an Olympian. The race was fine because we weren’t going to expect times, we just wanted to make the team. The weather wasn’t great but we all got the standard and that’s all we care about, to make sure we give a good competitive race and as long as you’re on the team the times will come at the Olympics when it matters.


Women's 3000m Steeplechase Final - Winner - Eilish McColgan

I still can’t quite believe it, to be honest. I knew that top two would secure my place but there’s a difference between thinking about doing it and actually doing it so I’m so pleased with that. The way I was feeling this week, to come out and run the way I did, I’m so happy that I’ve done it now. I can just rest and prepare for the games now. I’m so excited about it, I can’t wait.


Women's 5000m Final - Winner - Jo Pavey

I’m really pleased, it’s been a long time since I’ve done a tactical track race so I nervous beforehand and I’m really pleased to get the win. My priority’s the 10,000m (in London) but I really enjoyed this event in front of such a great crowd.

Women's 1500m Final - Winner - Laura Weightman

Now that I’ve made the team there is some pressure off but I’ve still got to keep training hard and get my performances in. At the Olympics there is going to be a lot more pressure on me there to perform than coming here and performing, it’s a different kind of pressure now. After this we’ll get a good block of training in and a couple of races before we go to the holding camp.

Women's 1500m Final - 2nd - Lisa Dobriskey

I thought it would be slow but not quite that slow. To be honest I just planned to get that second place. I need to show form, I’m not in a position at  the moment where I can compete with Laura and I thought that if I went with her too early I could end up doing a lot worse than perhaps I’m capable of.


Men's 200m Final - Winner - James Ellington

I’m the happiest guy in the world right now. I always knew that I had it in me. But to actually do it here at the AAAs, in front of this massive crowd, it couldn’t be better.

Men's 200m Final - 2nd - Christian Malcolm

I’m pleased. I said that this weekend was all about qualifying. I always like the double, as you know. For me I always keep in good shape for the major championships. If you can put five hard races like that back to back then you’ve got some good training that will prepare you for the major champs.


Men's 110m Hurdles Final

Winner: Andrew Pozzi

I’m on top of the world. My preparation in the last week or so has been quite disturbed and I was unsure whether I could come here and achieve what I wanted. To get that done, get that all out the way and come here and win, I’m absolutely chuffed. I’m looking forward to the Olympics like you wouldn’t believe. It’s been building for years and years with so much media coverage, you can’t help but buy into the dream so I can’t wait.

Second place: Lawrence Clarke

I didn’t get out as quick as I hoped but I ran a good race. I haven’t thought about the Games yet, I just want to go there and tackle it round by round, I’m running near my best but the nerves slowed me down a bit today.

Third place: Andy Turner

Obviously I didn’t come here for third place, I hope that was enough to qualify for the team. I’ve got work to do, I’m not in the best shape I’ve been in so I feel like I’m being competitive, I felt good in the first half of the race and then I hit a hurdle and the both of them came through. I know I’ve got something in me but it’s no good having something inside you if you can’t put it out there. I’ve got work to do but I hope that’s enough.


Men's Discus Final - Winner - Lawrence Okoye

It’s great to finish a job. There’s a lot more to see from me this summer, so I’m just going to get on now, do some training and come up strongly in August. There’s still a lot of work to do. I’m just going to keep my head down for the next few weeks and hopefully come up with something big.


Men's 800m Final - Winner - Andrew Osagie

 I feel really good, I’ve ran and won the race. I’ve only won two races this year in 2012, believe it or not, one was yesterday and one was today. I’ve got three weeks now before my next race in Crystal Palace. I’ll try and get some training in, that was always the plan. I’ve kind of trained through these Champs then train through Crystal Palace and hopefully improve my time at Crystal Palace.


Women's 200m Final - Winner - Margaret Adeoye

Linford (my coach) always gets us ready for when we need to be. I thought even though I’ve been injured, I know the work I put in during the winter so I just pushed. I’m happy but I need races now.


Women's 200m Final - 2nd - Anyika Onoura

Olympics, job done.Realistically, I need to establish myself as world-class (in London) – it will take a few weeks work in order to reach the final there.


Aviva 2012 Trials 23 June 2012

Women's 400m Hurdles Heats

Heat One - Winner - Eilidh Child

I’ve been playing around with my stride pattern a bit. That was a test to see if I could do that stride pattern we planned. I don’t think that took too much out of me but you can never go too slow when you’re trying to get your stride pattern right. It’s good to get to the final. Top two I’m quite confident of but you can’t underestimate Perri.

Heat Two - Winner  - Ese Okoro  

I was just trying to qualify. It was a bit windy on the back straight so I just wanted to get my stride pattern right. I want a PB in the final.

Heat Three - Winner - Perri Shakes-Drayton

It’s always nice to just get through. Now I can concentrate on the final. The final should be a good tear-up.

Heat Four - Winner - Meghan Beesley

I’m happy with that, it’s so windy out there. I’m happy with the stride pattern I used and I was strong to the line.I just want to run a strong time (in the final) and get as close to the A standard as I can.


Men's 400m Heats

Heat One - Winner - Rob Tobin

I was happy with it, my aim was to win the heat to get a good lane in the final. My time was quick in these conditions and my aim’s to get the A standard in the final and finish in the top two.

Heat Three - Winner - Martyn Rooney

The race was ok, a bit windy. Good to get a run out. Job done.

Heat Four - Winner - Conrad Williams

It’s all about qualifying today and booking your place in the final. It was a bit of cobwebs today, just shaking it out again. It’s good to be out here though. The weather is so horrible but it’s dry.


Women's Shot Put Final - Winner - Eden Francis

I’m really happy to have retained my title but I was disappointed with only 16.13m. That was very below-par for me but I’ve been suffering with a knee injury for the past four weeks.


Men's Javelin Final - Winner - Lee Doran

I’m really pleased with my performance. It was difficult conditions on the run-way but I threw a PB, like this time last year so it can’t be that bad. The crowd were fantastic today so I owe it to them as well. 


Women's 1500m Heats

Heat One - Winner - Lisa Dobriskey

It’s a start. It’s only my second race so it’s good just to string together a full 1500m. You do all of the training but it’s good to finally race. I’m pleased with that.

Heat Two - Winner - Charlene Thomas

I tried to not put too much effort but  it was so windy out there. I’m so happy to be here – I’ve missed the trials the past two years so I’m so happy to be healthy. I want to win the final and be at the Games but if not, I want to run the A standard tomorrow and do well in the final in Helsinki.

Heat Three - Winner - Laura Weightman

It was nice to run a fast round, win and qualify for the final tomorrow. I’m comfortable and looking forward to the final now.


Women's 100m Semi-Finals

Heat One - Winner - Abi Oyepitan

It was fine – it was a bit windy out there but I’m through to the final, which is great. I want a decent time (in the final) and obviously want to win so I’ll get selected for the Olympics.

Heat Two - Winner - Annabelle Lewis

I’m quite pleased just to get through. I’m pretty sure they weren’t going flat-out. If I just do that again then I think I’ll be alright!


Men's 800m Heats

Heat One - Winner - Andrew Osagie

I’m happy with that. Won the heat and secured qualification. I’ll come back tomorrow and hopefully do well in the final.

Heat Two - Winner - Gareth Warburton

The job was just to qualify for tomorrow’s final so I did that. It was really windy out there but I feel in great shape, though sometimes it’s hard to run slow.

Heat Three - Winner - Michael Rimmer

It’s been an up and down year with lots of little niggles which is not ideal for a big year like this. Hopefully I’m coming to form at the right time. [In the final] you can’t go in there with any negative thoughts. You’ve got to think like a boxer, you can’t think of anything negative. I’m going to go out there to try and win it. Hopefully I can do it, I’ve been there and done it before so I’ve got that  experience.

Heat Four - Winner - Guy Learmonth

I’m very, very pleased – the tactics were to go with the pace then open up in the last 100m and execute well. I want to mix it up with the big boys (in the final) tomorrow – I’ve been consistently running 1:47’s and I know I can run quicker.

Heat Five - Winner - Mukhtar Mohammed

It went as planned – trying to just get in the final and I did it. Last year I got tripped and it was really horrible for me, as I missed the World Championships. But this year, I’m very strong – I have a plan – tomorrow is a new day.


Men's Triple Jump Final - Winner - Larry Achike

It was good to win. It’s always good to win a national championship but distance-wise, I would have looked for a lot more. I had a lot of big fouls which has really boosted my confidence because the last few competitions I haven’t been jumping that well. Today I started putting things together and it’s about the right time of year. It’s still quite early on but at last things are starting to come together, so fingers crossed for Helsinki.

Women's 100m Hurdles Heats

Heat One - Winner - Tiffany Porter

It felt pretty clean, pretty smooth. The wind was pretty strong but I’m looking forward to the final.

Heat Two - Winner - Sarah Claxton

It was alright. I wanted to run quicker. It was a good warm-up for the final. I’m confident for the final, preferably with a tailwind!

Heat Three - Winner - Serita Solomon

I fell out of the blocks so I had to work really hard to catch up but I’m looking forward to the final now.


Women's Hammer Final - Winner - Sophie Hitchon

It’s a bit unreal at the minute. I wanted to come out here and come first or second and that’s what happened. It’s all a bit surreal at the moment. I think when July 3rd comes around and my name’s on the sheet then it’s going to be more real then.


Men's 3000m Steeplechase  Final - Winner - Luke Gunn

That was not in the race plan at all – I got boxed really badly but I didn’t panic and I got a gap then pumped all the way home. I need another B standard full-stop, hopefully at the European’s next week. I had to win today even if Stu (Stokes) had have been here.


Men's 400m Hurdles Final - DNF - Rhys Williams

I haven’t hurt myself, it’s my pride that’s been hurt. What can I say? I hope I  get another chance to qualify for the Olympics – I hope they pick me. I may have to now go to the Euro’s now.


Women’s 800m Final - Third place - Jessica Judd

There’s nothing more I could have done, I gave it my all. I wanted to come top two, I wanted to get into the Olympics so it’s agonisingly close. I’ve already got the B standard, I really want to get into a Diamond League now (to chase the A).


Men's 400m Hurdles Final - Winner - Dai Greene

It was going alright until about half way. When I got to hurdle 8, Nathan on the inside of me hit me, he was running very wide and I think he hit his hurdle and he totally threw me off balance but I powered on. Not the best conditions but I’m just happy to get away with the victory. A few people fell and a lot of people were hitting hurdles so it wasn’t very easy out there. It’s nice to get it out of the way I’d say because I want to make the team. If a few things go wrong you could be out the mix but it’s nice to seal my place. I don’t think I was ever under threat for much of the race, I just pulled away at the end and I was very confident. I think I’m well over the virus now. To be honest I wanted to run a bit faster but it just wasn’t there today. Maybe I was a bit complacent and went out at the speed of the guys outside of me.

Men's 400m Hurdles Final - 2nd - Jack Green

It’s the worst technical race I’ve had all year – I’ve been practising something for the past couple of weeks and did it yesterday. First hurdle, it all went wrong so I went into panic mode and thought ‘just run!’. It will sink in soon, it’s a great opportunity.

Men's 400m Hurdles Final - 3rd - Nathan Woodward  

I should have confirmed my spot today. I felt great. It was literally just hurdle 10, I wrapped my foot around it. I maybe didn’t execute as well as I should have done. The second spot should have been mine today. I’m very disappointed but I’ve beaten everyone else. I hope I’m selected.


Women's 800m Final - Winner - Lynsey Sharp

I can’t really take it in. I knew I was in with a chance and everyone was telling me ‘you can win this, you can show people’, and I did. I knew there would be a lot of people at the bell but I just ran my own race and was chasing taking my time. I knew it was there at some point this season but I just stopped putting pressure on myself and started enjoying it and that’s what I did today.


Women's 100m Final - Winner - Ashleigh Nelson

It’s amazing. After all the injuries I’ve had I owe a lot to my coach for believing in me, my training group and my friends and my physios for looking after me, James Moore and Berry O’Leary. So it’s great.

Women's 400m Final - Winner - Christine Ohuruogu

 The race was alright. My coach will tear it apart but it was ok. London’s very close.


Women's 400m Final - 2nd - Shana Cox

I’m happy. I’m excited, the weekend went well. I think I executed both races well so it’s looking good going into the next few weeks.


Men's Pole Vault Final - Winner - Steve Lewis

I’m absolutely over the moon. I had a job to do today to come here and win and did that so I’m really happy. I’m feeling good, healthy, I’m in shape. I’ve just got to keep plugging away, I’ve got a good July lined up and keep building to the Olympics.


Women's 100m Hurdles Final - Winner - Jessica Ennis

It was a great race. To win it was brilliant. To know that I’m in good shape and things are moving forward is great.

Women's 100m Hurdles Final - 2nd - Tiffany Porter

That’s what hurdling is all about, you have to finish a clean race but onto the next.


Men's Pole Vault Final - Winner - Steve Lewis

I’m absolutely over the moon. I had a job to do today to come here and win and did that so I’m really happy. I’m feeling good, healthy, I’m in shape. I’ve just got to keep plugging away, I’ve got a good July lined up and keep building to the Olympics.


Men's Long Jump Final - Winner - Greg Rutherford

I’m not particularly happy to be honest but I’m still getting over an illness after Rome. I felt great and ready to go, I’ve qualified now and I’m looking forward to the Games.


Men's 1500m Final - Winner - Andy Baddeley

I feel relieved more than anything else. It’s been a long road over the last twelve months and this is part two of part three. Part one was get the time; part two was the trials; part three is the Olympics. I haven’t been able to think about the Olympics until today. Now I can train harder!

Men's 1500m Final -2nd - Ross Murray

You’re always going to be nervous going into it, whoever you are. I know I’m in shape and a good racer and I put that into practice then, it’s all good for the Games.


Men’s 100m Final - Winner - Dwain Chambers

In a situation like this I have to draw on my experience and that’s what enabled me to win today. I just want to get home and chill out with the family, then it will all become reality. I don’t want to let my guard down yet. I’ve still got to get that qualifying time and I’d rather get it from merit rather than the selectors giving me an opportunity. I’d rather go out there and achieve it, and I believe I can do that. He [Gemili] is fantastic, and it’s great to see youngsters coming through. That what gives us old boys a kick up the backside and we need that. And looking at him remembering myself in that position wanting to beat all the old boys, now we’re getting a taste of our own medicine. I still feel young at heart, and having a youngster like Adam is fantastic for the sport. I believe he’s  going to be a fantastic attribute for the relay and he’s going to do fantastically well in the world juniors.

Men’s 100m Final - 2nd -  Adam Gemili

[On London 2012]: I haven’t decided yet. I would say that it’s quite likely but I’ll have to speak with my coach first. I’m not officially a senior – I’ve still got this year as a junior – but next year I feel like I can make the transition well. Today just felt like I had to stay with them and not get beaten too badly or shown up, so I think I did alright.

Men’s 100m Final - 3rd - James Dasaolu

I just missed out on the second spot so I’m not really too happy about that but it’s still good to get top 3. I’ve got an A standard already so I’ve just got to leave it in the hands of the selectors. I’m disappointed I just missed out on the second spot.


Women's 10,000m Final - 1st Brit - Caryl Jones

It was quite tough on my own out there. The first 5k wasn’t too bad, but the wind picked up on the second 5k and it was just a case of keeping going because I was on my own from the first lap. It means everything to me, if you said to me a year ago I was going to be UK Champion I wouldn’t have believed you. It’s been amazing, a brilliant year and all the thanks go to my coach. I changed clubs back in July and I’ve taken a step up. Every race I’ve done I’ve got quicker so I’m really pleased.


Aviva 2012 Trials 22 June 2012

Men's 100m Heats

Heat One - Winnner - Adam Gemili

I’m happy that I’ve qualified. 10.27 – I’m happy with that time too. I’m not worried about times tomorrow, I’m just looking to progress to the final.

Heat Two - Winner - Dwain Chambers

It’s always good to get the heat out of the way, now I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I want to run fast but I’ll just have to do the best I can with the resources I’ve got and just go for it.

Heat Three - Winner - Marlon Devonish

It’s all about qualifying for me, just setting it up.That was only my second race of the season, I haven’t had many races at all so I’m just focussed on setting it up tomorrow.

Heat Four - Winner - Deji Tobias

I just wanted to qualify for the semi-finals. It’s going to be a lot harder to make it to the final so I’m happy with the performance and I’m just going to go and execute it in the next round. But I’m feeling good, I’m feeling great and we’ll see what happens.

Heat Five - Winner - Luke Fagan

I’m feeling pretty good after that run. I wanted to just run out the first 60m, see where I was and then relax. Tomorrow I’m looking to get to the final and take it from there. The final is the main thing.

Heat Six - Winner - Greg Cackett

I thought it was a headwind, but apparently it wasn’t. I felt I got out well, then I just used the stuff I’ve been learning in training with Linford now. I’ve been maintaining and I held on well. I’m quite relaxed and looking forward to tomorrow definitely.

Heat Seven - Winner - Harry Aikines Aryeetey

That was alright. I’m not going to moan about many things, just get on with it and on to the next round. I prayed that I’d win my heat and I won my heat. On to the next one. I’m fairly confident. It’s just about securing the right race at the right time and hopefully mine will come in the final.

Heat Eight - Winner - Simeon Williamson

I was a bit rusty at the beginning but the second part of the race was alright. I’m good to go for tomorrow, I’m feeling good.


Women's 100m Heats

Heat One - Winner - Ashleigh Nelson

It’s nice to be back and running with a bit of confidence, so I’m really happy. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I hope it doesn’t rain!

Heat Two - Winner - Abi Oyepitan

It was fine, I’d like to execute a bit more but it was fine and I got through the round. I’m feeling good for tomorrow, I just have to think about what I’m doing a bit better and execute my race better.

Heat Three - Winner - Montell Douglas

I feel ok. I had a very slow start. I think it was just me trying to be reserved but it looks pretty good. I’m going to speak to my coach and see how it feels. That was definitely windy, but there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s the same for everyone so I’ve got to just get on with it.

Heat Four - Winner - Jodie Williams

It was good. I’ve been out all season, I’ve had exams and I’ve had quite a few problems this season. That was my first race of the season so I’m happy with it, I’ve just got to build myself up. I’m going to come back, a win is a win. 11.7 is OK to open up with so I’m just hoping to cut down the time and perform the best that I can.

Heat Five - Winner - Anyika Onuora

It was a good run. I just wanted to have fun and get the first one out of the way. I felt comfortable. I’m just looking forward to the next round now.


Men's 400m Hurdles Heats

Heat One - Winner - Nathan Woodward

It wasn’t overly quick but with it being a heat I was just trying to conserve as much energy as I could. With only the winner going through I just had to make sure that I was comfortably ahead. Coming over the last two hurdles I just made sure I was where I needed to be and didn’t push on any more than that. I’m really looking forward to the final.

Heat Two - Winner - Rhys Williams

It was OK. I’m glad it’s over but I got rid of the cobwebs. It’s going to be much tougher tomorrow. I want to get in that team. I want to be on the Olympic team because that’s what it’s all about.

Heat Three - Winner - Dai Greene

Job done, ready for the final tomorrow. Hopefully it’s nicer conditions because there are a lot of good people here. I’m looking forward to racing. It hasn’t been a perfect start to the season but things are getting better. I’m still on track for peaking in the summer.

Heat Four - Winner - Jack Green

It was really good. My first four hurdles, which I’ve been working on in the last couple of weeks, were perfect actually. What I did was what I was trying to do in Oslo, where I didn’t run particularly great. So I’m happy with that but obviously because you’re not going 100% the rest was a bit scrappy. But a win is a win, and come on tomorrow basically.

Heat Five - Winner - Rick Yates

It’s good to win but to be honest, I felt absolutely dreadful. I was a bit ill last week. I don’t really feel 100%. There are a lot of fast guys in there so we’ll see what happens tomorrow, but that was tough. I’ve got to just rest until tomorrow now.


Women's 400m Heats

Heat One - Winner - Christine Ohuruogu

It was OK for a first round, I’m feeling OK for tomorrow.

Heat Two - Winner - Lee McConnell

It was a good win. I wanted to win so that I get a good lane tomorrow and that’s what I’ve done, so quite happy for tomorrow’s final. I find heats very nerve-wracking so I’m quite relieved. Tomorrow ideally I’d like to finish in the top two as that should secure me an Olympic position but it’s going to be really tough. The 400m is a really competitive event and I’ll have to run a season’s best in order to do that. It’s going to be really difficult but that’s what I’m going to be trying to do.

Heat Three - Winner - Shana Cox

That was good, it was really fun. It was good to get that first one out of the system and look forward to tomorrow. I’m feeling really good.


Women's 800m Heats

Heat One - Winner - Marilyn Okoro

I just wanted to qualify as comfortably as possible and not take too much out of my legs. It’s actually hard for me to run that slow. I didn’t like it at all, the plan was just to jog and then in the last 100m come home strong so I’m pleased with that.

Heat Two - Winner - Jemma Simpson

It was good, I felt good and I just played with the paces a little bit. I wasn’t aware of the wind much but I was just trying to get into a rhythm and just come in the top two. Hopefully I’ll do what I need to do tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it, it should be a good race.

Heat Three - Winner - Jessica Judd

I’m really happy with that, it was strong. I thought the first lap was faster than it was. I just wanted to get in, that’s all I wanted to do. I’ve always dreamed of getting into the Olympic trials final so I’m looking forward to tomorrow.


Men's 1500m Heats

Heat One - Winner - Mo Farah

That was nice and comfortable. It felt good. It’s nice to see people coming out on a Friday night after work with the kids. For me tonight was just about getting a good race in and that was it.

Heat Two - Winner - Chris O'Hare

It was tough, I’m not used to the cold, I’m kind of cold right now. I’ve had a hard last two weeks after NCAAs but after not getting selected for the Europeans I had some pretty good motivation. I’ll be back with a vengeance tomorrow. I’m feeling good to challenge, I don’t know what the time was today but at prelims in NCAAs I’ve run 3:40 to get through so I’m used to coming back on the second day; hopefully that catches out a few people.

Heat Three - Winner - Andy Baddeley

It’s a no-win situation in heats. If I go out, everyone talks about it. If I make it through then everyone’s like ‘of course you’d make it through’.I’m looking forward to the final. With Mo in there, it should be great.

Heat Four - Winner - Ross Murray

It was good, I’m looking forward to the final tomorrow. Hopefully I can step it up and we’ll see what happens, but I don’t want to put any pressure on myself.


Men's 10,000m Final

Winner - Kenenisa Bekele

I’m very happy with the race. It was a bit windy and not easy to run around 27 [minutes] so I am so happy. I hope for [being selected to] London. I am improving my confidence after injury. I had to finish fast or somebody would have beaten me. [The fast finish] was very important. I enjoy running here so much. I have run here before, I like to run here. People are very supportive and the organisation is very good.

Leading Brit: Michael Skinner

I’ve had a bit of a bad year, or 15 months even, so I just came today with a completely different perspective on things. I just wanted to enjoy it, it’s only the second track race I’ve done in about fifteen months so it’s nice to be back running and competing in this arena.

I just ran without doing any work, I didn’t know how I was going to feel and I haven’t been feeling too great this week so I just ticked the laps off and then in the last kilometre I felt good.

I was planning on kicking at a similar time to Matt so him going probably helped me out a little bit and then I felt him tying up a bit with about 120m to go. I think Matt Clowes was still close as well so I didn’t want to leave it any longer. Today was my day.

It was great to be part of a race with the likes of Bekele, they are a different world to us at the moment. That’s no disrespect to the other guys and I’m sure they would admit it. To say you’ve raced an Olympic trial with Bekele, I don’t want him to go on and win the gold obviously, but you can’t take away from what a fantastic athlete he is. So it’s nice to be a part of it.