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UK Athletics

Christine Ohuruogu – ‘Over the finishing line’

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Christine Ohuruogu
With her injury-ravaged season firmly behind her, Christine Ohuruogu is working tirelessly on reclaiming her crown as the world’s most feared 400m runner. But the Olympic champion kindly took time out of her busy winter training schedule to speak to Trackside and answer the questions we really want to know including thoughts on her favourite film, her most embarrassing moment in athletics and of course, whether she prefers X-Factor or Strictly Come Dancing!


On your marks...

What’s your favourite film and why?

I have quite a few, but I love 300. I really like seeing how despite being outnumbered, these guys fought for something that was so dear to them and they were willing to die for it. That’s a really important message in my opinion.

What are your five most listened songs on your iPod?

I listen a lot of Fela Kuti. He’s a Nigerian musician, I saw him playing recently and he was great. He’d probably take my top five.

Most embarrassing moment you’ve had in sport?

I’ve had loads! There was this one time, I think it was indoors, just before the race I was having a little run and I tripped in front of everyone. All the girls I was racing against saw me buckle and fall to the floor. It was absolutely humiliating.

What animal would you describe yourself as?

I‘d like to be a cheetah. They’re very stealthy, quite quiet in the background and then pounce when the time is right.

Who’s your best friend in the sport?

I’ve got loads of friends in the sport but my closest would have to be Anyika Onuora. She’s crazy. Crazy, crazy, crazy.

Your last sporting fixture you went to watch?

I was going to watch the Audley Harrison v David Haye fight, but I couldn’t manage in the end. Thank goodness I didn’t as it was a bit of a non-starter in the end.

Favourite sporting figure outside of athletics?

I love the Williams sisters in tennis. I think they’re brilliant.

Favourite sport outside of athletics?

I play a bit of netball, but I like table tennis. People will laugh at me for saying that, especially as I’m no good at it.

Do you prefer competing indoors or outdoors?

Definitely outdoors. I love being outside. That’s part of the reason why I go to Jamaica. I need to train outside for my event and that’s not always possible here. To be honest, my coaches were probably more keen than I was to go to Jamaica. I think they thought that unless I started running soon, I’d kill myself or someone else! It stopped them getting a headache.

If you weren’t an athlete, what would you be?

I think I’d probably teach. I just couldn’t handle being stuck in an office somewhere.


The final hurdle...

Blackberry or iPhone?


Team Katie or Peter?


Summer or Winter?


Surfing or skiing?


Disney or Pixar?


Eastenders or Corrie?


Tea or Coffee?


X Factor or Strictly Come Dancing?

Neither! Actually, the first couple of weeks of X Factor really make me laugh, so I’ll go for that.


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