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man vs. mito - part 2

Man versus MiTo

18 July 2011

The second video in our Man Vs. MiTo series. We've met the competitors, now the race begins. Watch Iwan Thomas race though the streets of London as he tries to beat the Alfa Romeo MiTo, driven by Andy Turner and Chris Tomlinson. Who will win, Man or MiTo?

A series of films will be available on www.facebook.com/alfaromeouk  to plot their progress throughout the challenge and the full race, and finish, will be shown first on a giant screen live to the crowds gathered for the Aviva London Grand Prix.  Viewers of the films who successfully guess the winner, Man or MiTo, will be in with a chance of winning an exclusive Alfa Romeo bike worth over £550.

The new model year Alfa MiTo is now available at Alfa Romeo dealerships across the UK. To find out more visit www.alfaromeo.co.uk