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diary of an also-ran

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Diary of an also-ran

Published in July 2013 exclusively on Kindle, ‘Diary Of An Also-Ran’ is a series of e-books written by our very own Geoff Wightman. There are three editions available, 2010, 2011 and 2012 each priced at £2.99, which can be purchased from the Amazon store here.

Geoff’s books detail interesting stories and tit-bits from his life in sport, which really do make a great read. Here is an extract from ‘Super Saturday’, the highlight of London 2012 for many athletics fans:

20.19 Terry and I leap out of the car and start running. We run for about half a mile through the outskirts of the stadium and along alleyways that I never knew existed.

20.24  I burst through the Event Presentation room doors and plonk myself down in my seat in the booth, sweating like a hobgoblin. Garry and I high five (he has to do this journey next week but is relieved to end a solo 90 minute announcing stint). I put my headset on. “Nine minutes until we introduce the first heptathlon 800 metre start” says Florian. We carry on as if nothing happened. Production Assistants Matt Bates and Kyleah Widdecombe have my Butler notes set out on the desk in front of me, just as I like them and Kyleah passes me a bottle of water. I take a deep breath.

18 minutes later, Jess Ennis wins the Olympic Heptathlon, a moment or two after Greg Rutherford had won the long jump, then Mo brings the house down to win the 10,000.