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ten reasons to take part in the world mountain running championships

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Iolo Hughes
11 August 2015

1) Because anyone can take part…

Yes, that means you! Whether you’re a hardened mountain runner, you’ve had a crack on the trails before, or you fancy a brand new running challenge, there are opportunities for all ages and abilities to take part over a week-long programme of events. Check out the Open Race series HERE or the World Masters Championships HERE for more information on what’s involved.


2) Be a part of a World Championship event…

It’s not often that you’ll have the chance to boast that you’ve competed as part of a World Championship event, but now’s your chance!

If you’re between the age of 35 and 79 you can take part in the World Masters Mountain Running Championship (12th September) and earn yourself the Championship medal to prove it!

Or maybe run the World Championship Mountain Running course the weekend after (19th September) for those adventurous enough.


3) You might discover a new favourite running discipline…

Maybe you’ve only run on the track or roads, or maybe you’re already familiar to the trails and Mountains of Wales?

Mountain Running is one of the fastest growing running disciplines and a great opportunity to challenge yourself to something new.

Find out more about mountain running HERE


4) There ain’t no mountain high enough…

In the words of Marvin Gaye, there “ain’t no mountain high enough”, and for lovers of the sport, this is certainly true as there are always new mountains or hills to take on around the world.

Snowdonia is the oldest National Park in Wales and it is blessed with some of the most impressive scenery and ample opportunities to explore and challenge yourself on numerous peaks around the area.

Stay a while and see what’s on offer!


5) Discover Europe’s longest zip line…

It would be rude not to check out the longest zip line in Europe during your stay in North Wales. Travel at 80mph and find a quicker route down the mountain at Zip World www.zipworld.co.uk


6) Learn from the world’s best…

We’ll also be hosting film screenings and talks throughout the week from some of the best mountain runners from around the UK and the world.


7) Discover the wild Welsh countryside…

If you’ve not been to Wales before, the Snowdonia National Park is a brilliant base to start discovering some of the most wild and beautiful scenery in Wales. From the majestic peak of Snowden to the coastline to the West there’s intrigue at every corner.


8) Enjoy a new sense of Hwyl…

Meaning passion or a healthy sense of belonging, Hwyl is a Welsh word which we think sums up the World Championships. You’ll discover a warm Welsh welcome in September and whether you discover a new passion for mountain running or continue the love affair, we’re pretty confident that North Wales is a darn good place to do so!


9) Learn a new language…

Well you could at least give it a go! We’d be very impressed if you learnt the language in a few short days, but the Welsh language is widely spoken in North Wales and you’ll definitely discover a few new friends if you can speak a little of the lingo!


10) You’ll have fun…

Of course this one is a given!