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merged rule book consultation

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7 May 2015

The 2016 rule book will be published as the IAAF rulebook with an UKA supplement. Over the past few months we have been merging the two current rule book and the draft rule book for 2016 is set out below in five sections-

1. Non- technical rules - IAAF rules 1-22, Preambles, Definitions & General rules. Following IAAF Rule 22 (UK supplements) you will find the majority of UKA rules relating to Eligibility, transferring from one club to another, First claim status, and Team competition. Click here to download.
2. Technical rules - Track. IAAF Rules 100-151. It is intended to put any field event diagrams on the UKA website separately. Click here to download.
3. Technical rules - Field-IAAF Rules 160-170. Click here to download.
4. Technical rules - Combined Events and Indoor IAAF rule 200 & Indoor Competitions-IAAF Rules 210-223. Click here to download.
5. Off-track rules - IAAF Rules- 230-251.  Note that certain Off-track Endurance discipline rules will be transferred to Licence standards and do not appear in this draft. Click here to download

In broad terms this has been a “cut & paste” exercise deleting any UKA rules which are covered within the IAAF rules.  Please note that it is recognised that not all renumbering has been completed following the merger of the two rule books.

Black font - IAAF rules unaltered. Chapter 3 -Anti-Doping and Medical (IAAF rules Definitions, & Rules 30-51) has not been listed in detail.

Blue fon t- After each IAAF rule you will see, where relevant, the UKA supplement. 

Green font - within any of the UKA supplements where Age Group rules apply you will see a green font for any sections which might be affected by the Age Group change IF that was to proceed and will only be finalised once UKA decide whether or not and how to proceed with Age Group changes at a later date.

Red font - This is used to alert you to any significant changes that have been made either in the IAAF rules section or in the UKA supplement sections which are included in this part of this consultation. There are three types of change where a red font has been used:

1. Athlete registration - Under IAAF rule 22 (UKA supplement 1) Provision is now made for Registration to be compulsory across all disciplines of athletics, with disqualifation if not complied with, rather than this requirement being only being compulsory for competition in National Championships (UKA Rule- 10 (2), Note 2 in the 2014 UKA Rule book).

2. Fun runs - In IAAF rule 2 (UKA supplement) a requirement to register Fun Runs.

3. In the Technical Rules (IAAF sections) where it is intended to accept the existing IAAF rule where it is different in a minor way to UKA rules without seeking a formal UKA rule change. These cover those technical rules where an IAAF rule has been adopted in situations where for example the IAAF rule is “easier to understand” or where it “softens the UKA rule”.
Should you wish to make any comments on this DRAFT 2016 Rule book then please use the IAAF/UKA Merged rules consultation template which can be found at http://www.britishathletics.org.uk/competitions/rules/. The strict deadline for responses is Monday 27th July, 2015. Comments and any general queries on this should be sent to mergedrulesconsultation@uka.org.uk

Following evaluation of these comments, together with the inclusion of any agreed Age Group changes and proposals agreed under the request for clubs and other organisations to propose rule changes for the 2016 merged rule book a further draft will be circulated in October, 2015.