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uka transgender policy

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3 August 2016 

The revised guidance from UK Athletics on transgender policy is now available for reference.

UK Athletics is responsible for regulating the participation of persons as competitors in all disciplines of athletics within its jurisdiction within the United Kingdom.

Athletics  in  all  its  forms  is  a  gender-affected  sport,  as  defined  by  legislation,  in  that  the  physical strength,  stamina  or  physique  of  average  persons  of  one  sex  would  put  them  at  an  advantage  or disadvantage (as the case may be) to average persons of the other sex as competitors in an event of any discipline within athletics.

Accordingly, the UK Athletics board has adopted this revised Policy for two reasons: first, in order to ensure equal and fair  competition  in  all  disciplines  of  athletics;  and  second,  to  ensure  the  safety  at  all  times  of  all competitors.

The new guidance can be found below.