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UK Athletics

athletes TO elect london 2017 team CAPTAIN

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London 2017 Team Captain
8th June 2017

In a move designed to empower athletes, British Athletics has today announced that for the first time the athletes will elect the Team Captain for the London 2017 IAAF World Athletics Championships.

British Athletics Performance Director Neil Black said: “We feel it is fitting to announce this move on Election Day.  This is about giving athletes empowerment.  Because the athletes will pick the Team Captain to represent them, it gives an ownership to their choice. But, it will also bring the whole team closer together, because it is something they have all decided upon and had a say in.  It will give the Captain a stronger voice and strengthen the post.  By giving the team this responsibility, and in a judicious way, it shows that the management and coaches have a deep-rooted trust in the athletes.  When the Captain addresses the press or the public, it will be an athlete who has been chosen by their peers – it will be their words reflected through this choice of representation.”

Voting will commence after the team announcement on 11 July, with the Team Captain being announced on 24 July.  Each athlete selected for the London 2017 IAAF World Athletics Championships will be eligible to vote for anyone within the team.