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UK Athletics

UKA Statement - Coronavirus update

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As restrictions due to Covid 19 are being lifted across the UK, we are fully aware that changes are happening at varied timelines across each of the Home Countries because of different approaches between administrations.

As a result, UK Athletics is working closely with the Home Countries on plans to return to track and field competition which is currently suspended until 30 June 2020 for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. At present Scotland have suspended track and field competition until 31 July 2020. 

Whilst there has been extensive work on each Home Country’s respective guidance documents, it is important to reiterate that competition is not expected to resume immediately after the suspension has been lifted. 

The Home Countries are working on different formats of competition, for example; England Athletics will be piloting some return to competition events in the early part of July with the aim that a limited, controlled path back to competition can start to take place from the middle to the end of July. 

To keep fully informed of Home Country updates, see as follows:

Athletics Northern Ireland

England Athletics 

Scottish Athletics

Welsh Athletics

Finally, competition providers were informed that all licenses issued for the original 2020 track and field season schedule were cancelled. Therefore any competitions planned after the suspension will need their licenses to be reapplied for and will be subject to Government guidelines in place for that time. NOTE:  This does not apply to Scottish Athletics who have not cancelled their licences, therefore there is no requirement to re-apply.