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UK Athletics

Handgun Reclassification

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Starters Firearms


19 April 2010

Following an announcement from the Association of Chief Police Officers,  the Olympic 380 BBM imitation handgun has with effect from the 16th April 2010 been reclassified as a prohibited weapon which now requires the individual to hold a Firearms Certificate with authority to possess the particular weapon on it. From the 16th April 2010 it is therefore illegal to possess one of these handguns.

A public amnesty will take place until the 4th June 2010 thereafter anyone in possession of one of these handguns will be liable to prosecution under the firearms legislation. There is no public funding to recompense those who surrender the hand guns.

This is the most commonly used model of imitation handgun and is used by lower graded starters, clubs and schools. To avoid any confusion examples of the handgun that this relates to are pictured below.

UKA have been requested to act as the official receiver of all such weapons currently in the hands of athletics starters and athletics clubs across the country. Destruction will then be arranged via Greater Manchester Police. UKA senior management are in the early stages of exploring the possibility of replacing guns handed in from the athletic fraternity with an alternative model.

It is therefore very important that any Olympic handguns are handed into UKA so that we can record your details in the event that we can assist with replacements. Detailed guidance will be issued in the early part on this week on where to hand them in.