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News from the Norwich Union GB & NI Preparation Camp (Day 4)

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The entire GB&NI team are now safely at the Norwich Union Preparation Camp in Macau and the athletes are getting ready for Osaka.


There have been tropical downpours and temperatures in the low 30s centigrade, which everyone is slowly getting used to. Weather reports suggest that Japan will be even hotter so acclimatisation is ever important.


Along with all the athletes, coaches, medical staff and management team arriving, all the kit is now safely here as well.


One stray kit bag was located easily enough and pole vault poles were delivered to the team headquarters after flying out on a separate plane to the team.


The athletes are getting used to their surrounding and as heptathlete Kelly Sotherton explained, conditions and the atmosphere in the camp are perfect for finalising preparations.


Sotherton said


“You’ve done all the hard work by the time you get here, so the preparation camp is all about the final touches.


“We couldn’t have asked for anything better than what we have here in Macau and I think we’re very lucky to be where we are.


“To have such a peaceful place to relax and prepare makes all the difference. Having food prepared for you and so many things taken care of by the support team, allows us athletes to dedicate ourselves to what we are here to do.


“I thought Pathos was great, but the hotel and the atmosphere here and round the team is even better.


“Everyone is so helpful that is makes our final preparations the best they could be.”


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