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Welsh Athletics Coaching Conference 2008

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Saturday 11th October 2008
National Indoor Athletics Centre, Cardiff, Wales

Conference Theme: the Importance of Strength Training for all Athletes as part of Long Term Athlete Development


Welsh Athletics are pleased to announce an exciting line up for the 2008 Coaching Conference that will take place at NIAC on the 11th October 2008. The conference brings together some world renound speakers and Athletics specialists in the field of Strength and Conditioning. The conference will be led by Fuzz Ahmed coach to Welsh high jump record holder and Commonwealth Games silver medalist Julie Crane as well as Olympic bound Tom Parsons who boasts a personal best of 2.30m.


Accompanying Fuzz will be three Italian strength and conditioning specialists who will deliver the conference. The Italian team includes Marco Cardinale now working in the UK as Head of Science and Research for the British Olympic Association, Roberto Bonomi Italian National Sprint Coach and researcher in strength training and Domenico Di Molfetta Italian National Throws Coach. They will be joined by Raphael Brandon currently working as Senior Strength & Conditioning Coach for UK Athletics.


The conference will provide an excellent opportunity for all coaches across each event group, regardless of qualification or experience, to explore the benefits and importance of strength training as part of an athletes overall training programme. Please send all completed booking forms to the correspondence address at the bottom of the page.




Dr. Marco Cardinale


Marco is currently Head of Sports Science and Research of the British Olympic Association. His research work has included ‘The Use of Vibration as an Exercise Intervention’, ‘Hormonal Responses to Exercise and Neuromuscular Adaptations to Strength Training’. He has worked as a consultant to football and volleyball teams as well as athletes in many different sports.


Domenico Di Molfetta


Domenico is currently the Italian Athletic Federation National Throws Coach. He is also a lecturer in the Faculty of Motor Sciences University of Foggia – Bari. Domenico Lectures frequently in Italy about the throws and strength training from youth to performance athletics. He is an author of several articles in the area of strength training for the throws. He is a principal coach to a number of top Italian javelin throwers.


Roberto Bonomi


Roberto is currently the Italian Athletic Federation National Sprints and Hurdles Coach. He is a lecturer in the Faculty of Motor Sciences, University of Tor Vergata in Rome. Roberto is the personal coach to three of the athletes in the current Italian relay team (Collio, Donati and Verdecchia). Roberto has worked closely with athletes on their speed development from all athletics event groups as well as with athletes in other sports.


Raphael Brandon


Currently working as Senior S&C coach for UK Athletics, Raphael has helped endurance athletes and their coaches over the past 5 years. He has a good understanding of the practicalities and realities of how to ‘blend’ traditional and innovative S&C methods into endurance training programmes.  As lead S&C coach for UKA World Class Talent programme, he has experience in the progression and development of S&C training methods for young athletes.


Correspondence Details:

Emily Brown (Performance Administrator)

Welsh Athletics

National Indoor Athletics Centre, Cyncoed Road, Cyncoed, Cardiff, CF23 6XD

T: 02920 201520

E: Emily.brown@welshathletics.org