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Steve Lewis
Steve Lewis

With only ten days before the IAAF World Championships commence in Berlin British athletes are nearing their seasonal peak and have made several changes to the upper reaches of the McCain Power of Ten rankings.

The pick of the performances came from Steven Lewis in a timely return to form in the pole vault with 5.72m, 400m runner Nicola Sanders 51.55 continuing her encouraging comeback from injury with 51.55s and fellow quarter-miler Michael Bingham consolidated his good form with 45.49s.

The selected highlights were:


Wattenscheid, Bochum, Germany, 2 August


100m: Mark Lewis-Francis (Birchfield) 10.64 (1.2) – currently 16th Pof10 with 10.37.
Pole Vault: Steven Lewis (Newham & Essex Beagles) 5.72m – currently 1st Pof10 with 5.75m indoors.


100m: Jeanette Kwakye (Woodford Gereen with Essex Ladies) 11.79 – currently equal 17th Pof10 with 11.67.
100m: Abi Oyepitan (Shaftesbury Barnet) 11.81 (0.4) – currently 11th Pof10 with 11.57.
Pole Vault: Kate Dennison (Sale Harriers Manchester) 4.45m – currently 1st Pof10 with UK Record of 4.58m.

DN Galan, Stockholm, Sweden, 31 July


400m: Michael Bingham (Wake Forest) 45.49 – currently 1st Pof10 with 45.03.
800m: Michael Rimmer (Liverpool Pembroke Sefton) 1:47.98 – currently 1st Pof10 with 1:46.13.
1000m: Tom Lancashire (Bolton) 2:17.63 – 15th fastest UK all-time.
High Jump: Germaine Mason (Birchfield) 2.20m – currently 1st Pof10 with 2.31m.


400m: Nicola Sanders (Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow) 51.55 – currently 2nd Pof10 with 51.21.
1500m: Hannah England (Oxford City) 4:06.28 – currently 3ed Pof10 with 4:04.29.
1500m: Steph Twell (Aldershot, Farnham & District) 4:06.35 – currently 2nd Pof10 with 4:03.48.

Bayer Meeting, Leverkusen, Germany, 31 July


100m: Craig Pickering (Marshall Milton Keynes) 10.22 (0.5) – 7th Pof10.


100m: Abi Oyepitan (Shaftesbury Barnet) 11.57 (0.8) – 11th Pof10.
Pole Vault: Kate Dennison (Sale Harriers Manchester) 4.45m – currently 1st Pof10 with UK Record of 4.58m.


British Milers’ Club Regional Races, Jarrow

3 August


1500m: Laura Weightman (Morpeth U20) 4:14.9 – 1st Pof10.
1500m: Lydia Turner (Birtley U13)4:53.0 – 2nd Pof10.

BAL Premiership, Hendon, 1 August


400m: Darren St. Clair (Enfield & Haringey) 46.17 – 10th Pof10.
400m: Kris Robertson (Shaftesbury Barnet) 46.37 – 12th Pof10.
Pole Vault: Luke Cutts (Dearneside High) 5.43m – already 2nd Pof10 with 5.62 indoors.
Hammer: Mark Dry (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies U23) 70.81m – 1st Pof10.
Hammer: Simon Brown (Newham & Essex Beagles) 68.67m – 5th Pof10.
Discus: Emeka Udechuku (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies) 59.23m – 2nd Pof10.
Discus: Abdul Buhari (Newham & Essex Beagles) 58.52m – already 3rd Pof10 with 58.79m.

UK Women’s League Division 1, Hendon

1 August


400m: Marilyn Okoro (Shaftesbury Barnet) 53.36 – already 5th Pof10 with 52.34.
100mH: Meghan Beesley (Birchfield) 13.75 – 13th Pof10.
Hammer: Zoe Derham (Birchfield) 65.21m – already 1st Pof10 with 68.00.
Hammer: Laura Douglas (Sale Harriers Manchester) 64.50m – 4th Pof10.
Hammer: Susan McKelvie (Edinburgh) 61.21m – 6th Pof10.
Discus: Jade Nicholls (Shaftesbury Barnet U23) 54.47m – 3rd Pof10.
Discus: Eden Francis (Birchfield) 54.01m – already 1st Pof10 with 59.27m.

Celtic Games, Carmarthen, Wales, 1 August


Hammer: Myra Perkins (Falkirk) 56.83m – 2nd Pof10.
Hammer: Toni Wells (Swansea U17) 51.55m – 2nd Pof10.