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Harry Aikines Aryeetey
Aikines-Aryeetey - Full focus on Berlin

13 August 2009

The change in atmosphere from relaxation to anticipation at the Aviva Team GB&NI preparation camp is noticeable as the first members of the team leave the hotel in Monte Gordo, Portugal which has been their temporary home away from home for the past week.

As focus shifts from last preparations and final training opportunities, to performance and delivery at the IAAF World Championships in Berlin- which begins on 15 August- it is apparent that UKA staff and coaches have given athletes the best possible start to their World Championships campaign and now it is up to them to fulfil their potential on the track.

The camp, which is funded by Aviva, has been successful in its aim to provide the country’s top athletes with world class facilities and support before they compete at the biggest competition of the year.

Twice daily track sessions at the Vila Real Stadium, which is a popular athletics training facility amongst other national teams, and an average daily temperature of 28-35’C have provided consistent outdoor training opportunities and improved physical capabilities.

Christine Ohurougu: “It's really good to be here, not just for the facilities but it is just nice to be away from home for a bit and just concentrate on preparing for the champs.

“It's good not to have anything else to worry about. It's a case of winding down and getting your head in focus and it's nice to not have to think, 'oh we can't train today because it's cold'.  It's just about having the perfect weather to train and get prepared and then go to war when we get to Berlin.”

Harry Aikines Aryeetey: “What UKA, in partnership with Aviva, has allowed us to do in terms of coming out here is great because it allows us to train and focus on what we need to do. But it also allows us to take the time to sit back at relax”

Jenny Meadows: “Everything is going really well and I am not really training hard anymore because I am just winding down a bit. Being out here is great because at home you would just be a bit distracted by doing chores and things.

But here, you can concentrate just on your training without any worries and you can just make sure you are fully focused.”

Michael Bingham: “The camp is perfect because all I am doing is just eating, training and sleeping which is great.  Usually I would have a more varied day than this but it is exactly what I need to be doing two weeks out from a major championships so it is perfect.”

Everything is just going really well, the weather is amazing.  I couldn't be any more happy than I am right now at the moment.