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Power of ten round up

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William Sharman
Will Sharman

Following on from the midweek report from the IAAF World Championships, The Aviva Great Britain and Northern Ireland responded again with many more fine performances and individual medals from Jenny Meadows and Lisa Dobriskey along with a UK record for Greg Rutherford.

The men’s 4x100m relay squad of Simeon Williamson, Tyrone Edgar, Marlon Devonish and Harry Aikines-Aryeetey claimed the bronze medal in a season’s best of 38.02. The final event of the championships saw the British 4x400m relay squad of Conrad Williams, Robert Tobin, Michael Bingham and Martyn Rooney Britain win their sixth medal in a season’s best of 3:00.53 to finish in the silver medal position behind the American quartet.

Back at home, the British Athletics League Premiership match at Newham proved that the athletes not picked for Berlin were still trying to maintain their good form right until the end of the season. The hammer in particular proved to be a top-class competition with many of the top athletes being very close to one another in an exciting competition.


IAAF World Championships, Berlin, Germany, 23 August [Day 9]


5000m: Mohamed Farah (Newham& Essex Beagles) 13:19.69 – currently 1st Pof10 with 13:09.14.


1500m: Lisa Dobriskey (Ashford) 4:03.75 – currently 1st Pof10 with 4:02.28.

22 August [Day 8]


Long Jump: Greg Rutherford (Marshall Milton Keynes) 8.17m (0.7) – currently 1st Pof10.
Long Jump: Chris Tomlinson (Newham & Essex Beagles) 8.06m (-0.2) – currently 2nd Pof10 with 8.23m.

21 August [Day 7]


400m: Michael Bingham (Wake Forest University) 45.56 – currently 1st Pof10 with 44.74.
800m: Michael Rimmer (Liverpool Pembroke Sefton) 1:46.77 – currently 1st Pof10 with 1:46.13.
Javelin: Mervyn Luckwell (Marshall Milton Keynes) 66.30 – currently 1st Pof10 with 81.05m.


200m: Emily Freeman (Wakefield) 22.98 (-0.1) – currently 1st Pof10 with 22.64.
1500m: Lisa Dobriskey (Ashford) 4:03.84 – currently 1st Pof10 with 4:02.28. 

20 August [Day 6]


110mH: William Sharman (Belgrave) 13.30 (0.1) – equal 1st Pof10 (pb).
800m: Michael Rimmer (Liverpool Pembroke Sefton) 1:48.20 – currently 1st Pof10 with 1:46.13.
5000m: Mohammed Farah (Newham & Essex Beagles) 13:19.94 – currently 1st Pof10 with 13:09.14.
Pole Vault: Steven Lewis (Newham & Essex Beagles) 5.65m – currently 1st Pof10 with 5.75m indoors.
Pole Vault: Luke Cutts (Dearneside High) 5.40m – currently 2nd Pof10 with 5.62m indoors.
Long Jump: Greg Rutherford (Marshall Milton Keynes) 8.30m (-0.5) – 1st Pof10 (UK Record).
Long Jump: Chris Tomlinson (Newham & Essex Beagles) 8.06m (0.3) – currently 2nd Pof10 with 8.23m.


200m: Emily Freeman (Wakefield) 22.64 (0.5) – 1st Pof10 (pb).

19 August [Day 5]


200m: Marlon Devonish (Coventry Godiva) 20.62 (0.3) – currently 5th Pof10 with 20.55.
400m: Michael Bingham (Wake Forest University) 44.74 – 1st Pof10 (pb).
400m: Robert Tobin (Basingstoke Mid Hants) 45.90 – currently 2nd Pof10 with 45.15.
400m: Martyn Rooney (Croydon) 45.95 – currently 3rd Pof10 with 45.35.
110mH: Andy Turner (Sale Harriers Manchester) 13.73 (-0.4) – 1st Pof10 with 13.30.
110mH: William Sharman (Belgrave) 13.73 (-0.4) – 1st Pof10 with 13.52.
110mH: Gianni Frankis (Newham & Essex Beagles) 13.83 (0.2) – 4th Pof10 with 13.57.


100mH: Sarah Claxton (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies) 13.21 (0.3) – 2nd Pof10 with 12.86.
200m: Emily Freeman (Wakefield) 23.10 – currently 1st Pof10 with 22.79.
800m: Jenny Meadows (Wigan) 1:57.93 – 1st Pof10.
800m: Marilyn Okoro (Shaftesbury Barnet) 2:00.32 – 2nd Pof10 with 1:59.27 indoors.


British Athletics League National 4, Coventry, 23 August


Javelin: Mat Smith (Exeter U20) 67.86m (pb) – 3rd Pof10.

British Athletics League Premiership, Newham, 22 August


High Jump: Matthew Roberts (Newham & Essex Beagles) 2.20m – 7th Pof10.
Long Jump: J.J. Jegede (Newham & Essex Beagles) 7.70m (1.4) – 5th Pof10.
Shot: Kieren Kelly (Newham & Essex Beagles) 17.89mm – currently 3rd Pof10 with 19.02 indoors.
Discus: Abdul Buhari (Newham & Essex Beagles) 56.51m – currently 3rd Pof10 with 58.79m.
Hammer: Matt Lambley (City of Sheffield U23) 68.44m – currently 5th Pof10 with 68.98m.
Hammer: Mike Floyd (Sale Harriers Manchester) 68.38m – currently 4th Pof10 with 69.51m.
Hammer: Mark Dry (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies) 68.44m – currently 1st Pof10 with 70.81m.
Hammer: Matt Lambley (Kingston upon Hull U20) 66.28m – currently 9th Pof10 with 66.38m.
Javelin: Michael Allen (Newham & Essex Beagles) 68.77m – currently 4th Pof10 with 73.90m.