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Blog spot: joe thomas

Joe Thomas
Joe Thomas

Hi from Monte Gordo

User AvatarPosted by Site Administrator at 29/4/2009 8:17:19 AM

Hi I’m Joe Thomas a Welsh 800m runner and I’ve been asked to blog my thoughts, feelings and emotions over the next few months. This first entry coming straight from the warm weather training base; located in Monte Gordo on the Portuguese Algarve.


Another airline, another series of unfortunate events! For the average person, check-in should be no more hassle than tying your running spikes. Two hours later, one athlete down, £100 short (running gear just isn’t light enough these days) and no toiletries and we are on the plane! Jonathon Butler ended up getting as far as the check-in desk before he got turned away after his passport was 11 days out of date, leaving him no option other than the walk of shame back to his car for the nice journey home - back to the tanning salon it is!  Declan Evans failed at his attempt of smuggling a savage pair of nail-scissors onboard and ended up losing most of his possessions!


Butler’s misfortune worked to my immense advantage, leaving me with a 3 person penthouse apartment - all to myself! While the youngest (and first-time Monte Gordo-er), Declan, struggled with the noises coming from his room-mate canoodling with his newfound and flat-out love interest which left him traumatised with his headphones blaring in a vain attempt to preserve his sanity.

24 hours after arrival and a few cheeky runs later, Arwyn - still as brutal as ever - left two WWT virgins to traverse the labyrinth that is the Monte Gordo trails, all for mishearing and subsequently being a few minutes out on the meeting time! And this foreign lark is starting to get to me; first off I don’t get this sun bathing business (cream, glasses, facing the sun and turning at the precise moment; ridiculous). The girls in the group claim to have it sussed but after the first day they all trooped back to the hotel looking not too dissimilar to a certain vegetable-fruit, I beg to differ. Secondly, the sinks in the cafe didn’t seem to work properly, although the boys later pointed out to Tom that what he was trying to wash my hands in what was the urinal! BUZZING!


Two training sessions later: The trail sessions are much easier than 12 months ago, the values of an increased mileage clear for all to see. Harry proves to be an invaluable training partner, dogging out every run and giving every form of training maximum effort.


The quotes are flying round as well; during a well deserved recharge at the ice cream parlour, Tom “the genius” Philips decided that due to “sound” scientific knowledge (don’t believe everything you read on the internet) to wait for the ice cream to melt, to save a few cents - perhaps the warm weather had got to him. All I know is that he looked pretty “cool” sat with his straw.


Two days down, ten to go, thunder storms predicted, training is about to get even more intense, hopefully Arwyn and his Babes can pull me through. At least we have some speed work on the track to look forward tomorrow after months of aerobic base work, all the rage during the bleak winter months (maybe next year I’ll have a go at cross country skiing!!)


Hopefully this has been a decent read; more will follow shortly, when I find the time to write another blog. For now, check out the sexy album that has been drowning my ears over the last few weeks - For Emma, Forever Ago by Bon Iver


  • At 7:59 PM on 19/5/2009,
    In reply to Shaw Field wrote:
    private joke. clown.
  • At 4:15 PM on 6/5/2009,
    Declan Evans wrote:
    joe your my idol... what can i do to be just like you?
  • At 6:08 PM on 1/5/2009,
    You're still English wrote:
    in relation to Mr. Phillips' comment, the grammar is fine. Well done for copying and pasting your comment into word to use spellcheck m'boy :)
  • At 5:56 PM on 1/5/2009,
    You're still English wrote:
    in relation to Mr. Phillips' comment, the grammar is fine. Well done for copying and pasting your comment into word to use spellcheck m'boy :)
  • At 12:10 AM on 1/5/2009,
    Shaw Field wrote:
    Criticising the 'Grammer' is probably not a good idea when you have no idea how to spell !
  • At 2:28 PM on 29/4/2009,
    Dale Worton wrote:
    This is a good blog Joe! Keep this up, sounds good!
  • At 2:05 PM on 29/4/2009,
    Arwyn Babe wrote:
    this doesnt make any sense, who ever was looking after the grammer obviously doesnt know what there doing, its a good job you can run fast!