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Blog spot: joe thomas

Joe Thomas
Joe Thomas

Poor-ly Start to Season

User AvatarPosted by Site Administrator at 23/6/2009 9:08:18 AM

After a really successful and promising warm weather trip based in the Algarve in Portugal where I last blogged, I arrived home in high spirits about the upcoming track season, confident I could achieve the planned goals after a significantly better quality trip training wise compared to last year.

Unfortunately, after a few weeks back in the U.K. I spent 10 days in bed with an undiagnosed illness, possibly a virus, and lost three quarters of a stone in weight... not ideal. This obviously left me feeling frustrated and seriously weak.

I was due to open up my 800m season with two races overseas in Holland and Germany on a weeklong trip in Europe. This would have been an ideal way to start my season in preparation for the trials for the U23 European Championships I was targeting shortly. Unfortunately, instead of getting my season underway I resorted to an unwelcomed lengthy period stuck between the bed sheets.

Once I shifted the majority of the symptoms I began my comeback, most definitely too intensely and was reluctant to listen to my body which was craving a more gradual introduction to training.

The weight loss combined with the weak state my body was left in resulted in quite nice sessions feeling near enough impossible. This was a major mental blow; a confident outlook was quickly replaced with a panicky, angry mindset, leaving me frustrated after most sessions. I ran into my doctor at the track who told me the degree of the illness was bound to leave me feeling weak, especially because of the weight loss for a good 4-5 weeks.

Luckily I obtained a nice new car, a welcome upgrade from my KA and a nice little distraction from the eagerness associated with getting back with where I was pre illness. I managed to get a a nice two seat convertible sports car, perfect timing for this unexpected period of hot weather.

But since then I’ve cut back on the training and the quality has started to creep back into the track sessions, obviously I’ve embraced this with open arms and it has lifted my quite ‘down’ mood over the last few weeks. I’m looking forward to getting back in shape and hopefully posting some quality times towards the end of the track season.

Hoping to get a solid race behind me in Belgium on the 4th of July, in build up to getting back in good shape for the Aviva World Trials and UK Champs.