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Tom Lancashire Blog

Tom Lancashire
Yesss - my Christmas shopping is done!!


16 December 2009

GB 1500m man Tom Lancashire shares his joy of Christmas shopping with the nation and asks if mince pies can count as his five a day.

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A New Low!

User AvatarPosted by Site Administrator at 27/5/2009 9:36:16 AM

So last week I was asked to make an appearance for UKA at the McCain Roadshow in Nottingham. It’s basically a big inflatable tent in the city centre where parents can bring their kids to try out some different athletics events and meet some top UK athletes for photos or autographs or a bit of inspiration.


Unfortunately, I was not wearing the compulsory GB team kit and so spent most of the day wandering round largely unnoticed, or at least unrecognised as an athlete. 


It was a bit disconcerting, not least when a woman approached me with her child while I was helping out in the 15m sprint section. I smiled at them and said to the child “Would you like to have a go at the sprint?” at which point the woman bluntly replied “No, we are just looking for one of the athletes to have a photo with, do you know where we can find one?”.


My heart sank. I guess all this time spent training and trying to obtain an athlete’s body had been wasted...I was nothing without the correct kit. I tried to continue smiling although by now I doubt it was doing much to hide my obvious disappointment and embarrassment. I begrudgingly pointed them in the direction of my good friend, the GB kit-wearing Andrew Steele who, I might add, had spent most of the day signing autographs and taking photos. It was a low point of my athletics career. Well, at least of my Sunday. 


Other than that episode the last few weeks have been pretty productive. First and foremost, United won the league so my mood has been generally quite good. I spent a couple of weeks out in the States where I ran a solid PB for 5k. I was happy with it although I think with more consistent pacing and more experience on my part there was maybe a few more seconds there. I also got some really good training in while I was out there and I’m really excited about the season ahead now.


This week I’m planning on running an 800m, before my first 1500m of the season next week. Hopefully with a couple of good performances I can put the anonymity episode behind me and feel like an athlete again!


Take it easy and nos vemos pronto. (that’s Spanish for see you soon)


  • At 7:28 PM on 27/5/2009,
    Javo The Cuban Crusher wrote:
    Hey Tom or the Amazing Brit as I like to call you! I think you are awesome and you definately shouldnt let something like this bother you. My friends and I are amazed(which is where your name comes from) at what you can do on the track. You run with such ease and grace and at the same time you show such power in your stride! Also, Im sure your spirits will be raised when ManU takes the Champions League title today...... I look forward to hanging out with you one day :-)