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Jeanette Kwakye's Blog

Jeanette Kwakye World Indoors 2008
Happier times - but I think my body and I are headed for a great reunion!!


09 February 2010

In her latest blog for www.uka.org.uk Kwakye discusses the highs and lows of her injury woes.


Where's Kwakye?

User AvatarPosted by Site Administrator at 2/7/2009 2:23:07 PM
Hello my blogees.


Well, well, well, what can I say, we are now right into the 2009 outdoor season and as I write this, I still have not competed, due to a few minor setbacks. In my last blog, I expressed some optimism about aiming to compete approximately two weeks ago and having some good news to report back to you.

That was to be the case, training had been going well, then I had a small hamstring problem which delayed my 2009 debut AGAIN.


It then became a case of ‘Where’s Kwakye?’ in the same style as one of my favourite childhood books, ‘Where’s Wally?’


Some journalists, thought they might find me in Milan, Italy on the 25th of June.


‘Kwakye travels to the Notturna di Milano meeting to contest her first race for nine months after being sidelined with a knee injury’. – Press Association


 Unfortunately it was not meant to be.


I was then meant to be spotted in Lille, France on the 30th.


‘JEANETTE KWAKYE is due to make her first appearance on the track this season at tonight’s meeting in Lille’. – Athletics Weekly


Again that did not happen either.


So where am I?


Ladies and Gentlemen, I can finally reveal I am in Oslo, Norway; preparing for my first race of the season.

I am excited and nervous because I have not raced for months, but I feel ready to put an assault down. Here in Oslo I will compete in my first 100m and then on Sunday the 5th of July I will make a stop in Moscow for a rare 200m outing.

By the time someof you read this, I will have competed already and you may be aware of the kind of shape that I take into the Aviva UK champs to try and retain my 100m title and qualify for the World Championships in Berlin.


On Sunday, not only will we know my form over the 200m, we will also know who the 2009 Mens Wimbledon champion will be. I have my money on Andy Murray and I am very disappointed that I had to give up Semi Final hospitality tickets for Friday, however I’m sure the traditional strawberry party here in Oslo will help me get over it J. Besides I don’t think Andy Murray would miss me much, he has plenty of support.


I shall leave you know and until next time blogees, ‘keep it kwik’, as I sure am going to try to!




  • At 8:25 PM on 2/7/2009,
    Lee Valley Athletics Centre wrote:
    Another entertaining blog entry, Good Luck J'nette Kwakye!