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Jeanette Kwakye's Blog

Jeanette Kwakye World Indoors 2008
Happier times - but I think my body and I are headed for a great reunion!!


09 February 2010

In her latest blog for www.uka.org.uk Kwakye discusses the highs and lows of her injury woes.


Body Talk

User AvatarPosted by Liz Birchall at 9/2/2010 10:54:21 AM

Dearest Readers,

Let me take this opportunity to wish you a belated Merry Christmas, Happy New year and an advanced happy Valentine’s Day!!

It has been a while since we last touched base, some of you may be aware, others may not, but I had unexpected knee surgery at the end of last year!  L

So, just when I thought things were looking up, I had another hurdle put in front of me, just that this hurdle is only another I have to overcome on my way to glory! J

So, my recent days have been long, hard and very challenging and I expect them to last right up until the last minute leading up to the summer season.  There is no Testimony without a Test right?

I like to think my body works in very similar way to bad relationship! Seeing as Valentine’s Day is around the corner, I thought I’d use the analogy.

Every relationship goes through that great Honeymoon period, mine happened to be in 2008. Then may be one asks just a bit too much of the other and then we have a breakdown in communication (You still with me?).  So after much counselling, in this case my rehabilitation, we can resume the wonderful relationship we once had, hopefully sometime this year.

Worst case scenario is a divorce; however I love my body too much to leave her, so she is stuck with me whether she likes it or not.

So if any of you are in a loving mood, please forward all Valentine’s Day cards to UKA and I’m sure they’ll forward them on to me and my body!

So as we (as in me and my body) both sit here and get ready to come back into action, we have been watching the wonderful indoor performances. The major standouts are Laverne Jones - Ferette and her incredible 6.97 over 60 metres and the early stages of a great comeback from Mark Lewis Francis too.

Although I massively disappointed I won’t be able to try and go one better from my 60m world silver, I am more than prepared to have short term pain for long term gain.

Until next time, catch me on Twitter.com/jnettekwakye for in between updates on my progress.

Ps. don’t forget the Valentine’s Day cards. Hahaha


  • At 10:55 AM on 11/2/2010,
    Liz Birchall wrote:
    well done Jeanette - good to see you getting fit again!