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UK Athletics

UK Cross Challenge leaders win territorial titles

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UK Cross Challenge leaders Hatti Dean (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield), Heather Timmins (Warrington AC), Sarah Barker (Sale Harriers Manchester) and Thomas Purnell (Stroud AC) won titles at the English territorial cross country championships on Saturday 27 January.


Ahead of the Final of the Cross Challenge competition run by UK Athletics that is again incorporated into the UK CAU Inter-Counties Cross Country Championships to be staged in Nottingham’s Wollaton Park on Saturday 24 February, the quartet won confidence-boosting gold medals at the Midland Championships on Stafford Common and the North of England Championships in muddy Heaton Park, Manchester while Norwich Union GB internationals Louise Damen, Jon Pepper, Emma Pallant and Charlotte Purdue struck gold at the South of England Championships at Holkham, Norfolk.


Dean, the reigning UK Cross Challenge Senior Women’s Champion, gave herself the perfect preparation ahead of the World Trials being incorporated into the BUSA Cross Country Championships at the University of Bath next Saturday by romping to victory in the North of England Championships, 65 seconds ahead of her closest rival, Vicky Gill (Chorley). Michelle Ross-Cope (City of Stoke AC), currently third in the UK Cross Challenge standings, won the Midlands Senior Women’s title while the South of England gold medal went to Louise Damen (Poole), who is working her way back to the quality that enabled her to finish in the top 30 of her first IAAF World Cross Country Championships as a senior.


Timmins, top of the UK Cross Challenge Under 17 Women’s standings, took the North title just 5 seconds ahead of Blue Haywood (Lincoln Wellington), who scored a possibly unique ‘double’ in midweek. Haywood won her Newark District Schools title by 4 minutes and then, by way of a warm-down, won the boys’ race by 45 seconds. Laura Alexander-High (Aldershot, Farnham and District), currently second in the Cross Challenge series, took the South silver medal behind her amazing club mate Charlotte Purdue, who triumphed at the Lisbon Junior International for the Norwich Union Great Britain and Northern Ireland Team 13 days ago. Two of Purdue’s team mates in Portugal, Emma Pallant (AFD) and Ruth Senior (City of Norwich) were first and second respectively in the South Junior Women’s title race.


Barker won the North Under 15 title while her closest rival in the UK Cross Challenge, Katie Holt (City of Stoke AC) was a run-away winner in the Midlands.


Purnell, top of the UK Cross Challenge Under 13 Boys’ standings, kicked-off a great day for Stroud AC in the Midlands Champs.


Here are all the individual medallists and top teams as the season moves towards its climaxes with the World Senior Trials at Bath next weekend and the World Under 20 Trials alongside the UK Cross Challenge Finals at the Inter-Counties Championships, which will again be televised live on Sky TV…


South of England Senior Men: 1 P Wicks (Belgrave) 45:55; 2 H Lobb (Bedford and County) 46:11; 3 Dominic Bannister (Shaftesbury Barnet) 46:46. Senior Women: 1 L Damen (Poole) 28:19; 2 S Bush (AFD) 28:53; 3 V Webster (Shaftesbury Barnet) 29:04. Junior Men: 1 J Pepper (Enfield and Haringey) 25:50; 2 M Goose (Norwich) 26:19; 3 J Poole (Blackheath and Bromley) 26:50. Junior Women: 1 E Pallant (AFD) 17:48; 2 R Senior (Norwich) 18:12; 3 F Ray (Brighton and Hove) 18:18. Under 17 Men: 1 N Goolab (Ealing, Southall and Middlesex) 17:50; 2 D Easter (Shaftesbury Barnet) 17:57; 3 J Robinson (West Norfolk) 17:59. Under 17 Women: 1 C Purdue (AFD) 17:13; 2 L Alexander-High (AFD) 17:51; 3 R Gough (Team Southampton) 18:02. Under 15 Boys: 1 N Young (Mendip) 14:29; 2 M Mason (Tonbridge) 14:34; 3 J Jackson (Norwich) 14:35. Under 15 Girls: 1 B Carter (Invicta East Kent) 14:11; 2 M Courtney (Poole) 14:25; 3 C Freeman (Ashford) 14:29. Under 13 Boys: 1 Z Seddon (Invicta East Kent) 10:23; 2 R Charles (ESM) 10:38; 3 J Oxenham (Bedford) 10:42. Under 13 Girls: 1 E Gorecka (AFD) 10:42; 2 R Haynes (AFD) 10:54; 3 G Bell (ESM) 11:01.


North of England Senior Men: 1 A Jones (Salford) 33:35; 2 G Raven (Sale) 33:38; 3 M Barnes (Altrincham) 33:59. Senior Women: 1 H Dean (Hallamshire) 24:44; 2 V Gill (Chorley) 25:49; 3 M McDonnell (Chester-le-Street) 26:19. Junior Men: 1 K Deighton (Bridlington RR) 22:47; 2 N Swinburne (Morpeth) 23:05; 3 J Mellor (Liverpool H) 23:07. Junior Women: 1 S Stockton (Vale Royal) 20:45; 2 L Mayho (Bingley) 21:23; 3 M Ferrier (Gateshead) 21:29. Under 17 Men: 1 D Forrester (St Helens Sutton) 17:47; 2 J Brownlee (Bradford GS) 17:55; 3 J Wilkinson (Leeds) 18:17. Under 17 Women: 1 H Timmins (Warrington) 15:58; 2 B Haywood (Lincoln Wellington) 16:03; 3 H Bateson (Lancaster and Morecambe) 16:20. Under 15 Boys: 1 D Forrester (Liverpool Pembroke and Sefton) 11:41; 2 J Moody (Matlock) 11:49; 3 Y Mohamed (City of Sheffield) 11:55. Under 15 Girls: 1 S Barker (Sale) 12:48; 2 K Avery (Shildon) 12:59; 3 R Craigie (Vale Royal) 13:14. Under 13 Boys: 1 M Kaye (Holmfirth) 9:56; 2 F Roberts (Richmond and Zetland) 10:06; 3 C Murray (Macclesfield) 10:08. Under 13 Girls: 1 K McAslan (East Cheshire Harriers and Tameside) 10:48; 2 S Sajkovic (Kingston upon Hull) 10:57; 3 K Reynolds (East Cheshire and Tameside) 11:00.


Midland Counties Senior Men: 1 W Farquharson (Notts); 2 T Hartley (Notts); 3 M Powell (OWLS). Senior Women: 1 M Ross-Cope (Stoke) 26:04; 2 K Green (Telford) 26:23; 3 W Jones (Cirencester) 26:30. Junior Men: 1 T Russell (Stroud) 26:57; 2 L Carey (Nuneaton) 27:05; 3 C Peters (Bristol and West) 27:53. Junior Women: 1 K Hamilton (Bristol and West) 22:23; 2 D Walker (Royal Sutton Coldfield) 22:33; 3 Louise Durman (Dursley) 22:43. Under 17 Men: 1 L Shail (Coventry Godiva) 23:52; 2 G Divall (Royal Sutton Coldfield) 23:53; 3 M Withey (Stroud) 24:22. Under 17 Women: 1 H Avil (Rugby and Northampton) 23:19; 2 J Kinney (RSC) 23:22; 3 H Holt (Stoke) 23:36. Under 15 Boys: 1 B Norris (Notts) 15:41; 2 T Curr (Stroud) 15:48; 3 R Galt (Westbury) 16:00. Under 15 Girls: 1 K Holt (Stoke) 17:24; 2 L Farnell (RSC) 17:43; 3 M Powell (RSC) 18:07. Under 13 Boys: 1 T Purnell (Stroud) 11:18; 2 M Thompson (Notts) 11:47; 3 H Coldray (Gloucester) 11:48. Under 13 Girls: 1 R Robinson (RSC) 12:37; 2 G Brookes (Leicester Coritanian) 12:53; 3 R Brandham (Mansfield) 12:56.


For the full results from the North of England and South of England Cross Country Championships, please visit the Race Results website For the Midland Counties results, please go visit the Midlands website