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Power of 10 is working!!

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With more than 30,000 athletes and 175,000 performances already listed, it is now possible to look at the level of performances in depth across Britain. The season is more than half over and in almost all events, in all age groups and in all regions the level in depth is greater than the corresponding time in 2006.


The lists are much longer than at the same time last year, in some lists we have over 100 athletes more than in 2006.


However, this level of improvement has highlighted a problem. One of the targets of Power of 10 was to record all relevant performances for the top 35,000 athletes in the country and at current levels this number of athletes will be greatly exceeded. To resolve this we look to the purpose of Power of 10 – to raise standards in every event, every age, every region. From today we are raising the level of performance required to make the rankings on Power of 10.


How much will the levels be raised?

The levels will be raised by very small amounts. For instance Long Jump levels have been raised by a few centimetres in some age groups. Not all events will be affected. The events, which have relatively few participants, will be kept stable to encourage more athletes to take part.


If my best performance is below the new level, will I disappear from Power of 10 completely?

No athlete will disappear from Power of 10. You will still be able to press the Athlete button and see your previous performances, but only performances reaching the new level will be added.


For those athletes who may no longer show on the rankings, remember it only takes a slight improvement to return and in doing so you will be playing your part in helping Power of 10 to raise standards as well as applying the principles that it underpins to your own training.


See the Power of 10 website for more information.