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Blog Spot: Goldie Sayers

Goldie Sayers
Sayers - will throw off a short approach this weekend


08 July 2009

Olympic Fourth-placer Goldie Sayers reveals in her latest blog that she will make an unexpected return to action this weekend at Aviva World Trials.

Read the latest from Sayers below, on studying, rehab and the use of gardening to keep her focussed in recent weeks.


Studying the competition

User AvatarPosted by Site Administrator at 6/5/2009 9:13:58 AM

Hi there 


It is amazing how quickly this year has gone. The season is upon us and Beijing is now only a memory.

My winter has been steady with all the relevant work completed. I was emotionally much more drained following the Olympics than previous seasons so getting back into conditioning work was admittedly a little tougher than normal. However, a period of re-focus allowed me to feel refreshed and inspired to put the work in for the 2009 season. I am pleased with my progress this winter and the momentum is building for another exciting year.

I travel to Formia in Italy this week for the UKA warm weather training camp, which will be a good opportunity to do some high intensity sessions in the warm as well as some competition prep. I plan to have at least one ‘competition style’ training session where I will do a comp warm-up and then 4-6 maximal throws. I will get the measuring tape out and compare where I’m at with previous years!


I also have some study to do whilst I’m there. I am currently doing a Chartered Institute of Marketing Professional Diploma and have an exam in June. I like to keep my brain active as I think the break from training helps. The first flurry of competition results from around the world will come through whilst we are away. I turned down a grand prix meeting in Doha to go to Italy as it is a long way to go for six throws - I would rather get some good quality training in the bag instead. Maybe I will do my competition session on the same day and see where I would have placed when the results come in!

I plan to compete for my old University (Loughborough) at the International meeting when I get back from Formia on the 17th of May. I will use this as a proper gauge of how my timing and technique are under competition conditions. Loughborough is a great place to throw as there is generally always a tail wind – great for javelin but not for 400m!

The World Championships in Berlin are sure to be amazing for javelin as Germany has a very strong history and passion for throwing events. In fact, the only medal won in Beijing by the Germans was in the women’s javelin. Christina Obergfoll snatched the bronze medal in the Bird’s nest by a mere 38cm, putting me into 4th place. I am looking forward to the opportunity to challenge Obergfoll again! Steffi Nerius, another German javelin thrower who has had a superb career, is retiring after this year. The atmosphere in the stadium should be great, I can’t wait!


Bye for now


  • At 6:31 PM on 6/5/2009,
    ray pickles wrote:
    After a great 2008 here's hoping you have a better 2009 and win a medal in Berlin, hopefully gold!
  • At 10:33 AM on 6/5/2009,
    Coach Cart3r wrote:
    good luck goldie! i have always admired your guts and think 2009 will be a wonderful season for you.