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Blog Spot: Goldie Sayers

Goldie Sayers
Sayers - will throw off a short approach this weekend


08 July 2009

Olympic Fourth-placer Goldie Sayers reveals in her latest blog that she will make an unexpected return to action this weekend at Aviva World Trials.

Read the latest from Sayers below, on studying, rehab and the use of gardening to keep her focussed in recent weeks.


Blooming Great

User AvatarPosted by Site Administrator at 7/8/2009 10:16:33 AM
A lot has happened since my last blog two months ago!

To begin with, in mid May I was diagnosed with a partial stress fracture in my lumbar (L5) spine. Initially I was told to rest fully, which was very tough mentally, but thankfully I had a distraction. I am completing my Professional Diploma at the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and so fully immersed myself in exam study and physical rest. After two weeks, and consultations with a team of top spinal specialists, I began my return to javelin.

Since then, I have been progressing slowly but surely every week, spending over an hour (in addition to normal training!!) each day strengthening and stabilising my core muscles. This core work is serving to alleviate any pressure on my damaged vertebra. Combining core work with some fantastic treatment by my physio Rone Thompson, creative strength and conditioning work with Tommy Yule, and great medical support from Dr Rob Chakraverty, I have gradually got back to pre-injury strength and stability. My coach Mark Roberson and I have had to change my training to accommodate my injury, but we remain focused competing on Berlin, and competing well.

After completing my marketing exam, and still being somewhat restricted in training, I found I was very interested in another wonderful pursuit – gardening. I never thought I would say this but there are not many things more satisfying than planting a seed and watching it grow. I now have a great crop of tomatoes, beans, and herbs as well as a few lettuces.
I also decided to plant a sunflower (they are my favourite flowers) with the thought that it might flower at the end of July, marking my planned return to competition at Crystal Palace.

My sunflower has flowered prematurely; however, given I'll be competing at the Aviva UK Championships & World Trials this Sunday off a shortened run up, the timing is very welcome. This year I'll be throwing for my 7th title in a row, so please join the sunflower and send me warmth and good vibes! I have a further goal of winning my tenth title in 2012 leading into the London Olympics, so this weekend is both part of my short term and long term goals plan.

I have no particular distance goals for the weekend, but trust that with a technically focused series of throws I will not only be pleased with my distance, but also walk off the track in one piece!