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midweek round-up

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Nicola Sanders
Nicola Sanders - superb run in Rethymno
23rd July

There have been some excellent performances in recent days as the track and field season reaches its summer crescendo with a huge amount of changes to the Power of Ten rankings as athletes reach their seasonal peaks. 

Top of the list has to be Gemma Prescott (Challenge Disability Sports Club) has threw a world’s best of 12.11m in the F32 Discus at the German Disability Games in Sindelfingen.

There was also a great outing by Nicola Sanders (Windor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow) who showed a timely return to form in Rethymno with 51.21 to claim the A standard for the World championships in Berlin, while Tyrone Edgar (Newham & Essex Beagles) sped down the track at the same venue in 10.09, another A standard. David Greene (Swansea) has sustained his early season form with a world-class 48.78 in Lucerne.

The selected highlights from events at home and abroad were:


Vardinoyannia, Rethymno, Greece, 20 July


100: Tyrone Edgar (Newham & Essex Beagles) 10.09 (1.1) – equal 3rd Pof10 (A standard World champs).

200: Marlon Devonish (Coventry) 20.55 (1.3) – 5th Pof10 (A standard World champs).

110mH: Andy Turner (Sale Harriers Manchester) 13.47 (1.5) – already 1st Pof10 with 13.30 (A standard World champs).

400mH: Ben Sumner (Enfield & Haringey) 50.90 – already 6th Pof10 with 50.37 .


100m: Joice Maduaka (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies V35) 11.68 (1.3) – already 7th Pof10 with 11.43.

200m: Joice Maduaka (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies V35) 23.57 (0.3) – already 4th Pof10 with 23.22 (B standard World champs).

400m: Nicola Sanders (Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow) 51.21 – 2nd Pof10 (A standard World champs).

KBC Night of Athletics, Heusden, Belgium, 18 July


800m: Darren St. Clair (Enfield & Haringey) – already 2nd Pof10 with 1:46.56 (B standard World champs).

1500m: Jermaine Mays (Kent) 3:39.92 – 7th Pof10.

5000m: Scott Overall (Blackheath & Bromley) 13:36.17 – already 6th Pof10 with 13:34.29.

Pole Vault: Steven Lewis (Newham & Essex Beagles) 5.41m – already 1st Pof10 with 5.75m indoors (A standard World champs).

1500m: Chris Hughff (Newham & Essex Beagles) 71.89m – already 2nd Pof10 with 76.92m.


100m: Laura Turner (Harrow) 11.18 (5.4) – already 4th Pof10 with 11.40 (B standard World champs).

Emma Ania (Shaftesbury Barnet) 11.27 (3.4) – already equal 5th Pof10 with 11.41.

Anyika Onuora (Liverpool) 11.51 (4.7) – already 11th Pof10 with 11.59.

1500m: Hannah England (Oxford City U23) – already 3rd Pof10 with 4:05.87 (A standard World champs).

Aragón Grand Prix, Zaragoza, Spain, 18 July


100m: Craig Pickering (Marshall Milton Keynes) 10.21 (3.0) – already 7th Pof10 with 10.23 (B standard World champs).

400mH: Rhys Williams (Cardiff) 50.39 – already 2nd Pof10 with 49.38 (B standard World champs).


100m: Montell Douglas (Blackheath & Bromley) 11.45 (3.9) – already 5th Pof10 with 11.41.

Meeting Areva IAAF Golden League, Paris, France, 17 July


100m: Simeon Williamson (Highgate) 10.14 (-0.2) – already 1st Pof10 with 10.05 (A standard World champs).

400m: Tim Benjamin (Belgrave) 46.32 – already 4th Pof10 with 45.51 (A standard World champs).

800m: Michael Rimmer (Liverpool Pembroke Sefton) 1:46.73 – already 1st Pof10 with 1:46.31 (B standard World champs).

110mH: Andrew Turner (Sale Harriers Manchester) 13.44 (-0.2) – already 1st Pof10 with 13.30 (A standard World champs).

Tripe Jump: Phillips Idowu (Belgrave) 17.17m (0.9) – already 1st Pof10 with 17.60m (A standard World champs).


800m: Marilyn Okoro (Shaftesbury Barnet) 1:59.56 – already 1st Pof10 with 1:59.27 indoors (A standard World champs).

Meeting International de la Provence de Liège, Naimette-Xhovémont, Belgium, 15 July


High Jump: Germaine Mason (Birchfield) 2.24m – already 4th Pof10 with 2.25m.

Pole Vault: Steven Lewis (Newham & Essex Beagles) 5.50m – already 1st Pof10 with 5.75m indoors (A standard World champs).


100m: Emma Ania (Shaftesbury Barnet) 11.41 (0.2) – equal 5th Pof10.

200m: Anyika Onuora (Liverpool) 23.73 (0.0) – already equal 6th Pof10 with 23.34.

Spitzen, Lucerne, Switzerland, 15 July


100m: Marlon Devonish (Coventry) 100m with 10.34 (0.0) – already 5th Pof10 with 10.11 (A standard World champs).

200m: Marlon Devonish (Coventry) 20.79 (0.0) – already 5th Pof10 with 20.55 (A standard World champs).

400mH: David Greene (Swansea) 48.78 – already 1st Pof10 with 48.62 (A standard World champs).


1500m: Lisa Dobriskey (Ashford) 4:08.35 – 5th Pof10 (B standard World champs).

Meeting de la ville de Reims, Reims France, 14 July

100m: Craig Pickering (Marshall Milton Keynes) 10.29 (-0.7) – already 7th Pof10 with 10.23 (B standard World champs).

German Disability Championships, Sindelfingen, Germany, 11 July

Discus (F32): Gemma Prescott (Challenge Disability Sports Club) 12.11m – World Best (already thrown 12.45m but not ratified).

BMC Nike Grand Prix 4, Solihull, 18 July


800m: Steve Fennel (Tonbridge) 1:47.99 – already 9th Pof10 with 1:47.97.

3000m: Jonathan Mellor (Liverpool) 7:58.33 – 7th Pof10.


800m: Vicky Griffiths (Liverpool) 2:02.66 – 9th Pof10.

3000m: Juliet Doyle (Charnwood) 9:11.78 – 11th Pof10.

McCain’s Birmingham Games, Alexander Stadium, Birmingham, 18 July


110mH: Nicholas Gayle (Sale Harriers Manchester) 13.94 (1.9) – equal 7th Pof10.

Edirin Okoro (Birchfield) 13.94 – equal 7th Pof10.

High Jump: Tom Parsons (Birchfield) 2.25m – already 2nd Pof10 with 2.27m.

Germaine Mason (Birchfield) 2.25m – 4th Pof10.


200m: Helen Pryer (Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow) 23.55 (1.6) – 10th Pof10.

100mH: Helen Asher (Liverpool U23) 13.80 (1.1) – 11th Pof10.

400m: Donna Fraser (Croydon) 53.32 – already 8th Pof10 with 52.83 indoors.

Hammer: Zoe Derham (Birchfield) 66.26m – already 1st Pof10 with 68.00m (B standard World champs).

High Jump: Vicky Hubbard (Birchfield) 1.82m – equal 4th Pof10.

SIAB Schools International, Antrim, Northern Ireland, 18 July


100m: David Bolarinwa (Cambridge) 10.78 – 3rd Pof10.

200m: Jordan Arthur (Enfield & Haringey) 22.40 – 2nd Pof10 with 21.68.

400m: Greg Louden (Lasswade) 48.59 – 1st Pof10 with 48.17.

1500m: Luke Carroll (Cheltenham) 3:56.81 – already 1st Pof10 with 3:54.40.

3000m: Tom Curr (Stroud) 8:50.77 – already 1st Pof10 with 8:29.7.

100mH: Daniel Needham (Wigan & District) 13.56 – already equal 3rd Pof10 with 13.4.

400mH: Ben Parkin (Blackheath & Bromley) 54.40 – 2nd Pof10.

1500mSC: Jamie Crompton (Horwich) 4:16.65 – 1st Pof10.

Pole Vault: Jax Thoirs (Victoria Park City of Glasgow) 4.40m – already 1st Pof10 with 4.60m.

Shot: Matthew Halton (Newquay & Par) 17.09m – already 1st Pof10 with 17.34m.

Discus: Liam Biddlecome (Yeovil) 52.41m – already 1st Pof10 with 52.58m.

Javelin: Jon Llewelyn (Carmathen) 62.32m – already 4th Pof10 with 63.60m.

Hammer: Matthew Lasis (Crawley) 62.23m – 2nd Pof10.

Long Jump: Kyle Henderson (Central) 6.79m – 5th Pof10.

Triple Jump: Julien Allwood (Herne Hill) 14.45m – already 1st Pof10 with 14.47m.

High Jump: Kyle Henderson (Central) 1.94m – already 1st Pof10 with 2.00m.


300m: Amy Allcock (Aldershot, Farnham & District) 39.08 – already 1st Pof10 with 38.68.

800: Katie Snowden (Herne Hill) 2:08.18 – already 1st Pof10 with 2:07.1.

1500m: Georgia Peel (Aldershot, Farnham & District) 4:26,96 – already 1st Pof10 with 4:16.24.

3000m: Emelia Gorecka (Aldershot, Farnham & District) 9:34.17 – already 1st Pof10 with 9:24.79.

80mH: Grace Christopher (Leeds Carnegie) 11.46 – already 2nd Pof10 with 11.32.

300mH: Charlotte Bowling (Corby) 44.30 – already 2nd Pof10 with 43.69.

Pole Vault: Ellie Besford (Chelmsford) 3.45m – already 2nd Pof10 with 3.75m.

Shot: Sophie McKinna (Great Yarmouth) 12.17m – already 3rd Pof10 with 12.44m.

Discus: Kathryn Rothwell (Jersey) 40.67m – 4th Pof10.

Javelin: Freya Jones (Team Southampton) 46.61m – 1st Pof10.

Hammer: Toni Wells (Swansea) 51.53m – 2nd Pof10.

Long Jump: Andrea Gaffney (Kirkintilloch) 5.66m – 6th Pof10.

Triple Jump: Andrea Gaffney (Kirkintilloch) 11.45m – 5th Pof10.

High Jump: Hannah Frith (Bedford & County) 1.70m – already equal 3rd Pof10 with1.75 indoors.

Hexham International Combined Events, Hexham, Northumberland, 17-18 July

Decathlon: Ed Dunford (Birchfield) 7256 points – 4th Pof10.

Michael Sweeney (Liverpool U20) 5819 points – already 11th Pof10 with 6094 points.

Visit Power of Ten website for full rankings here