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LEvel 2 REgional Photofinish Documentation



Photo-Finish Qualification Lists

Following the decision to introduce Qualifications in Photo-Finish, a list has been produced of those to be awarded the level 2 (Regional) endorsement in photo-Finish, with immediate effect.

If you are not on this list, and you consider that you have the experience, knowledge and skill to justify your inclusion, please complete the appropriate appeal form, and the interim Peer Group will consider your application.

A list has also been produced of those considered to have significant successful experience at higher levels.  They have attended a pilot level 3 course, and may be fast tracked through the level 3 process.  If you have not been included on this list, but consider you have the appropriate levels of experience, knowledge and skill, and you have been awarded level 2 (Regional), you may ask to have your case considered when you do take the level 3 course, which should be available with other disciplines from the autumn.  After doing the course, please complete the appropriate appeal form, and the interim Peer Group will consider how much of the requirement can be remitted.  

 All those awarded level 2 are eligible to work towards level 3 - many are clearly part way there.  Before being accredited at level 3, ALL Officials must have attended the relevant course(s) - level 3 Generic, level 3 Photofinish and Health & Safety and demonstrated the relevant skills through reports and/or experience.  Those who were not invited to the pilot courses will have the opportunity to attend this winter.