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Blog Spot: Ben Rushgrove

Ben Rushgrove


20 May 2009

Paralympic medallist Ben Rushgrove will keep www.uka.org.uk informed on the ins and outs of his season in the year ahead. Keep an eye out for his blogs.


The big build up

User AvatarPosted by at 22/7/2009 1:40:58 PM

Hi again folks

It’s been a little while since I posted my last blog and things have been moving forward. My feet are just about returning to normal (whatever ‘normal’ is) after Beijing and we’ve now taken to taping them up to try and give them a bit more support. The guys from Loughborough came down the other day to try some prototypes. It’s all looking good apart from the fact that I was half asleep having just come from lectures and work. Basically there are a couple of ideas floating round at the moment, one is some kind of sling designed to absorb some of the shock and the other is a glorified orthotic which goes into the sole unit of the spike. I’m not quite sure which one I prefer at the moment but they will push through both ideas at this stage.

As for everything else, I am currently in the build up to Crystal Palace this weekend and looking forward to racing the best in the world (it should be fun). Some of you may have seen the news last week that Bath University is going to host the Paralympic team in the run up to 2012, so it’s not too far away for me at all.  I feel at this point that I ought to mention training; training is going well I’m trying to strengthen my calves in preparation for the new spikes as they will force my foot into a different position. I also ordered a new pair of spikes today from ‘Running Bath’ so hopefully they should be here shortly. Oh yeah and another thing, when I get back from Crystal Palace I only have 4 weeks left until the end of my course (Arhhhh!). Time is really flying on this one and I’m in Czechoslovakia for my hand in date so everything has to be finished before then. Crazy times!

Ok, I’m off to get on with my dissertation, look out for my next blog.