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Blog Spot: Tom Lancashire

Tom Lancashire


27 May 2009

So when is an athlete not an athlete? When he doesn't quite look the part! Read Tom's latest Blog for www.uka.org.uk below.


Danyl I'm not...

User AvatarPosted by Liz Birchall at 16/12/2009 9:21:17 AM

This month I’m very grateful for one thing, and that is that Danyl Johnson didn’t win X-Factor. I can safely say without a word of exaggeration that over the past couple of months, at least twenty different people have commented on the fact that I look somewhat like that wide-mouthed geezer. Or simply congratulated me on my performance of Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror from the previous weekend.

Check my facebook, it’s true. Now there’s no denying the fact that that Danyl and I share some of the same looks, and that I do indeed have the voice of an angel, but unfortunately I don’t quite have the “X-Factor”, and sadly neither did Danyl. Maybe if the running thing doesn’t work out for me though I can go into a lucrative Danyl-impersonating career, so I should wish him good luck. Good luck Danyl, you devilishly handsome young man.

 On the running front, things have been progressing nicely after a slow start to the winter programme. I recently ran my first race of the season, a muddy Manchester Cross Country League encounter at the aptly named Boggart Hole Clough, which was just as pleasant as it sounds. In case you didn’t catch the race live on Sky Sports 1 last Saturday (most likely down to the fact that it wasn’t shown live on Sky Sports 1 last Saturday), I finished a comfortable first in a confidence-boosting race.

Next up will be a 5 mile road race over Christmas, which means strict eating restrictions will have to be put in place over the festive season. Don’t worry, I’ll be getting my 5-a-day. Mince pies that is. There’s fruit in them (I think) so it still counts.

Speaking of Christmas, how stressful is shopping right now? I can finish 10km worth of muddy, hilly cross country race and still not be as drained as I am after two hours at the Trafford Centre.

My coffee consumption is reaching dangerous highs because I have to take a break after leaving every shop! At least there’s always a Starbucks within 20ft of you these days. Don’t get the Gingerbread Latte by the way, it almost instantly makes you regret it.

Anyway, that’s my rant over with for today. Have a wonderful Christmas and see you in 2010!


  • At 3:52 PM on 5/1/2010,
    i think you are funny
  • At 10:48 AM on 28/12/2009,
    dave mcmullan wrote:
    Hiya tom saw you at the ribble valley 10k you where simply awsome. Any tips on diet.
  • At 11:05 AM on 16/12/2009,
    Danyll Johnson wrote:
    Your not as funny as me either ha