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Sayers talks to Spikes

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Goldie Sayers - Olympics 2008

11th November 2008


Goldie Sayers is among the world’s best javelin throwers, but as a youngster she was a county standard hockey, netball and tennis player and an under-12 national table tennis champion. In an exclusive interview with spikesmag.com she reveals why she chose athletics...


“Unlike most girls I have a very natural throwing arm. My first memory of throwing stuff was throwing dirt at my brother and later throwing apples at trees.


“When I was younger though I preferred the team sports by an absolute mile.

Netball and hockey were my main sports. I was always very spatially aware and very good at reading the game, although I didn’t have the silky skills.


“I got into javelin after my athletics teacher said would I fancy doing it for the school. I deliberately kept it [the first javelin] because it does not look anything like a javelin – it’s just a little piece of metal with a little flight on the end. It kind of flew and I actually used to throw it around the garden. I eventually had to stop because I used to get too close to the double-glazing.


“I tell you why I really enjoyed the sport, because I really enjoyed the training group. You want to have fun while you are developing. I was also very lucky to have a very good coach technically, so I progressed.


“I love athletics because it’s so challenging on so many different levels. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and you are never, ever satisfied. I came away from Beijing really frustrated and picking holes. It’s just a real challenge to be the best in the world. You can’t blame anyone else – it’s always up to you.”


Visit www.spikesmag.com to read the full interview with Goldie.