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UK Athletics

Current Position in Respect of Upgrading, Education & Governance of Officials

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19 September 2007


Over the past year changes have occurred in the governance, regulation and education of Officials, an overview of these changes is outlined below.


Governance – this has changed due to the formation of England Athletics and their Regions together with the related change of role of the English Territorial Associations. Arrangements in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales remain unchanged.


Upgrading - During this period the stepping-stones for upgrading have changed from being Grade 4 to Grade 1 (with Grade 1 being the highest international grade) to Level 1 to Level 5 (with Level 5 now being the highest international grade).


Pass & Licence - Officials have, like coaches, been required to have a “Pass & Licence” to operate in their own right with full personal insurance cover.


Education - In conjunction with the new grading “levels”, new education and training packages have been prepared for new Levels 1, 2 and 3. A package for Level 4 will be available during 2008.


To view the whole document click this link: Read the full collation