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British Athletics works with TASS to continue to grow a sustainable dual career pathway for developing English athletes as they transition out of Youth into the next phase of their athletics, whilst continuing their education. Athletes at this level from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are provided similar support from their relevant Home Nation programme.  

What is TASS & how will it support English athletes in the British Athletics Pathway?

  • TASS is a government backed partnership between talented athletes, educational institutes and British Athletics. It aims to support English athletes to fulfil their sporting potential and to meet their academic goals, through a dual process which creates a genuine balance between sport and education.
  • TASS supports those who are aged 16 years plus who are currently in education in England whilst competing at a Performance Foundations level by providing them with a tailored package of core support services which is worth in excess of £7,500 per athlete, including:

  1. Strength & Conditioning
  2. Performance Lifestyle  
  3. Sports Psychology
  4. Physiotherapy 
  5. Sports Medicine – Medical Insurance 
  6. Funding Grant - £500

British Athletics recognises that the transition from junior to senior international level may take several years, differs widely across athletes and is not necessarily linear. Therefore, the ensuing financial cost and time commitment can make progress a challenge. The British Athletics TASS programme will be positioned to support athletes who have shown the potential to progress onto the World Class Podium Potential programme in the next couple of years. 

Selection process

Places on the TASS programme are limited. The purpose of the Selection process is to prioritise athletes who have the best chance of developing onto - and then through - the WCPP to win medals at future Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

For these developing athletes in the tier just below WCPP, analysis of performance alone is not an adequate predictor of future success.  All of the following, as well as any other factors that may be deemed relevant, will be considered by the Panel when assessing an athlete’s ability to “bridge the gap” to the WCP.

  1. Any recommendation/opinion from the Performance leads, coaches and International Team Leads.
  2. Athlete’s performance profile (should be rising at least equal to or steeper rate than the event trend).
  3. Athlete’s position on the relevant Performance Funnel.
  4. Athlete’s major competition history (including, specifically, performances at the 2017 Commonwealth Youth and European Juniors & U23 Championships).
  5. Event trends/progression.
  6. Athlete’s injury and training history.
  7. Athlete’s lifestyle and training environment.
  8. Athlete’s maturation (in primary or potential future events); and
  9. Athlete’s ability to perform under pressure.


Athletes on the current programme will have their position on the programme reviewed, based on their season performances, individual circumstances, input from Futures and Talent Management team and Event Group Lead staff (or individuals nominated to act in this respect). Athletes will be considered for a further year of support IF they fulfil the selection criteria above.

To be considered for selection an athlete must be eligible to represent Great Britain & Northern Ireland under World Athletics rules and other British Athletics requirements, including but not limited to:
  • Being a citizen of the United Kingdom and holding a valid British Passport.
  • Being a member of British Athletics and remaining so during the membership period of the TASS.
  • Being in good standing with British Athletics and/or its affiliated bodies and eligible to represent Great Britain & Northern Ireland in international competitions under the rules of British Athletics and World Athletics.
  • Not be serving a ban from participation in the sport for any reason.
  • Able to demonstrate that they could access the TASS core services at a TASS accredited centre.
  • An athlete’s capabilities and intentions to fully integrate TASS support into their preparation. This includes:
  • Being able to maximise the capabilities of sports science and medicine services in to support preparation and improvement in performance.
  • Endeavouring to develop and maintain a lifestyle that prioritises and supports improvements in training and competition performances.
  • Engage with British Athletics Performance Pathway Staff and TASS Practitioner.

All athletes invited onto the programme will be required to complete a medical form and, if deemed necessary by British Athletics’ Chief Medical Officer, undergo further examination to assess their medical status. Any falsification on the medical forms may lead to removal from the programme.

How to apply
Applications are now closed. 

For more information on TASS, visit https://www.tass.gov.uk/
Dan Wagner
Performance Pathway Manager
British Athletics
M: + 44 (0) 7919 698578
E: DWagner@britishathletics.org.uk