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Youth Advisory Group Diaries

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This is where we’ll keep you up to date with what we’ve been up to. Keep an eye for our blog, which will be updated every fortnight.

Emily – 18.03.2013

Hi Everyone

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the website. So it’s my first turn to write a blog and I thought I would tell you about my volunteering aims for the year!

I’ve been volunteering for a long time now, pretty much since my Dad could drag me along to events at my local athletics club. I love helping at big events my favourite being helping at half marathons – nothing beats the excitement and joy on people’s face when they cross that finish line. I’ve always enjoyed most forms of volunteering in athletics but I want to try something a bit different this year…

Since volunteering at the Paralympics and being lucky enough to have tickets to some sports, I was seriously inspired by the athletes there. It made me realise that although I’ve followed people like David Weir for years I am so oblivious to most of disability athletics. So my aim is to change that J

In December I volunteered at a local Disability Sportshall event for primary school children. I can honestly say it was one of the best days of volunteering I’ve ever done. It was exactly the same feeling I get on that half marathon finish line, people so happy to have achieved something and just being given the opportunity to do so.

Next month I will be volunteering at a disability cross country championships, something I naively didn’t even know existed! I can’t wait to see how the championships works and hopefully then suggest a similar event in my hometown. Someone at my local club has just secured several racing wheelchairs so hopefully there will be an opportunity to do some disability athletics coaching in the future too. I cannot wait J

We’d love to hear your aims…what are you hoping to do/learn more about this year?


Poppy – 04.03.2013

The past two weeks have been pretty quiet on the athletics front, but at the same time have taught me to always wear shoes, even if they are overrated and socks are far more comfortable.

The week started off as normal, coaching the “Beagles” group down at my new local club. Yes, that’s right, the start of the week for me is a Saturday, but why not, Saturdays are usually athletics days whether it’s coaching, competing, officiating or just watching athletics, it means you start and end your week on a high. Anyway, coaching went pretty well, I’m new to Beagles as I only moved to Bedford in September. So the club and their way of coaching is all new to me and I take each coaching session as a learning experience to enhance my coaching.  After taking a paarlauf exercise where the kids have to decide in teams the quickest way of completing a certain amount of laps which consequently develops their teamwork, communication, decision making, speed and agility, my week carried on as normal: going to Uni, training, catching up on the latest athletics news and competing in our last Uni cross country of the season. The end to the week however wasn’t normal as it was a YAG meeting weekend (my favourite type of weekend...without sounding like a geek).

The start of the weekend I found myself in Birmingham at the Grand Prix handing out information about our new project - Youth Advisors, which then allowed us to watch the world-class athletics that was on show. After an amazing day me and the fellow YAGs went back to the hotel to chill. Whilst finishing dinner I noticed that on the table behind us was Mo Farah... not one to miss a photo opportunity I decided to go over to meet him. Whilst having a photo I realised that I was just chilling in my socks whilst everyone else seemed to be dressed up or at least wearing shoes…but hopefully the hero that is Mo Farah will agree that shoes are overrated!

Always wear shoes in public.