2021 Muller British Athletics Championships – Athlete Support

2021 - Muller British Athletics Championships - Manchester - Athlete Support Accreditation

    For enquiries please contact accreditation@britishathletics.org.uk
  • Collecting Accreditation

  • The process of collecting an accreditation pass will be communicated by email nearer to the event time. Photo identification will be required when collecting accreditation.

    Please be advised of the following conditions that are associated to the allocation of an accreditation at UKA events;

    1. A request for accreditation does not translate to an automatic allocation of accreditation and will need to be approved. This approval of a request will be communicated to the applicant prior to the event.

    2. The approval of an accreditation pass may be contingent on additional confirmations being sought (for example a valid UKA coach or officials licence).

    3. The approval of a request for accreditation will be handled by points of contact within the UKA event team. The appropriate accreditation based on the applicant's role at the event will be attributed to the applicant via the approvals process.

    4. An accreditation pass is not transferable to another individual and is for the sole use of the individual to whom the accreditation request was approved for.

    5. An accreditation pass is valid only for the licence period surrounding the specified event, unless; a. A season pass is issued, then it is valid for the specific licence periods of all events within the season (outdoors or indoors) of the indicated year on the pass. b. There are specific conditions associated to the pass allocated (for example restricted or pre event pass).

    6. An accreditation pass does not give the bearer the right to spectator seating in the venue.

    7. An accreditation pass is bound to the restrictions of zones and categories that are indicated upon the pass.

    8. An accreditation pass must be worn and clearly visible at all times during the event licence period.

    9. The event organisers and the contracted security staff at the event reserve the right to remove an accreditation pass if there is reasonable cause to do so.

    10. The accreditation pass remains the property of the event organisers (UKA)