UK Athletics continues to drive the strategy for Coach Education and Qualifications working closely with the Home Countries Athletics Federations (HCAFs).

The UKA Coach Education and Qualifications Steering Group, comprising of the Interim Domestic Athletics Operations Manager, UKA Head of Coach Education and Qualifications, HCAFs Heads of Coach Development and a Members Council coach representative, co-ordinates policy setting and makes recommendations.

The Steering Group reviews and evaluates coach education in the UK and plans to ensure all coaching qualifications and educational offers are valid, current and meet the needs of the sport.

UKA will deliver a robust quality assurance and enhancement procedures strategy for ensuring that the outcomes, resources and standards of the coach qualifications are applied and delivered correctly and consistently across different qualification options.

UKA will continue to work with the Steering Group and other relevant parties to ensure that appropriate information is shared and disseminated to communicate coaching developments and strategic matters.

Thank you to all coaches who give up their time to develop current and future athletes of all abilities and aspirations. Your coaching does not go unnoticed and is valued constantly. If it was not for the thousands of coaches volunteering their valuable services to clubs and athletes around the UK, the sport would not be in the healthy place that it currently is.

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