Additional Learning

Safeguarding in Athletics

This course provides an understanding of what safeguarding is when it comes to children and young people in athletics.

The purpose of the course is to:

  1. Raise your awareness of the importance of Safeguarding.
  2. Help you to recognise indicators of safeguarding concern.
  3. Deal with concerns of abuse, disclosures and reporting procedures.
  4. Show you how to take action if you know or suspect that a child, young person or vulnerable adult needs help.
  5. Promote good practice in your setting and create a safer environment.

The key features:

  • complete two modules and multiple-choice questionnaires.
  • personalised downloadable certificate.
  • minimum 70% pass mark required.
  • optional narration of each module for accessibility.
  • additional resources for further learning and printable module for future reference.
  • produced specifically for athletics.

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  • 20-49 vouchers purchased we offer 10%
  • 50+ vouchers purchased we offer 20%

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First Aid Training

Athletics training involves activities which place increased strain on the body and involves equipment which can cause injury in certain circumstances. Despite practices such as risk assessment by venues and coaches, training guidance for coaches and qualifications detailing how to create session plans tailored to an athlete or runner, things can and do go wrong!

UKA and the HCAFs are committed to doing all that they can to support you to respond to medical situations during training, whilst waiting for the most appropriate level of medical support to arrive.

UKA have a heavily subsidised online First Aid awareness course -First Aid Essentials in Sport and Active Leisure.

The course takes approximately 2 hours to complete and covers the following:

Module one – Awareness of how to manage basic life support.

Module two – Awareness of how to manage other serious incidences such as choking, shock, anaphylaxis, drowning, seizures, stoke, heart attack, bleeding, burns and broken bones.

Module three – Awareness of how to manage day to day incidences such as nose bleeds, fainting, insect bites and stings, electrocution, environmental, soft tissue, low blood sugar and asthma.

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Equality & Diversity in Sport

The Equality & Diversity course explains the fundamentals of equality and diversity and how they affect you. This includes looking at the Equality Act 2010 and the ‘protected characteristics’ that form the basis of the law, as well some of the barriers that can prevent equality being realised, such as prejudice, stereotyping, discrimination, victimisation and harassment.

This is a one module online course, is accredited by Secured by Design and meets national Police approved standards.  The course covers the following content:

  • What do equality, diversity and inclusion mean?
  • Why do equality and diversity matter?
  • Unconscious bias
  • The Equality Act 2010
  • Main types of discrimination
  • Scenarios
  • Positive action
  • Inappropriate language and behaviour
  • Good practice
  • Support and advice

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Clean Athletics

Coaches are vital in helping athletes develop the right behaviours, attitudes and values associated with being a good sportsperson.

Anti-doping rules apply to this and to coaches too. Don’t let one bad decision ruin a potential sporting career – yours or theirs.

This module is designed to give you the knowledge and understanding to help guide your athletes.

This course is a one module online course and covers the following content:

  • Values
  • Strict Liability
  • WADA and Governance
  • What is Global DRO?
  • Medication classifications and the prohibited list
  • Checking medications and the status of medications
  • Therapeutic Exemptions
  • Supplements
  • Informed sport
  • Testing procedures
  • Anti-doping violation rules
  • Contacts and further resources

Review from a coach:

“As a coach I found this module very useful, highlighting my responsibilities as a coach, making me aware of my behaviours in the context of “Clean Athletics” and the potential messages I could be sending to the athletes I coach. This module helped me:

  • To define accountability and responsibilities.
  • Know where to find relevant information.
  • Know who to contact regarding information and procedures.”

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Disability Inclusion Training

The British Athletics Disability Inclusion Training; Athletics and Running course was developed in partnership with the home country disability sports organisations, home country athletic federations and Mind. The course is suitable for anyone wishing to improve how they support and attract disabled people in athletics and running.

It provides knowledge and understanding to overcome barriers to participation as well as ensuring that athletics, running sessions and activities are more inclusive for everybody.

The module is an interactive eLearning course and takes approximately 2 hours to complete.

This course covers the following:

  • How to recognise the influence of perceptions and experiences.
  • How to identify techniques for good inclusive practice to include everyone.
  • How to identify potential challenges to participation and identify possible solutions.
  • How to communicate effectively Athlete Pathways and classification within disability sport.
  • Signposting to additional information and guidance.

The course also provides some examples of where and how this has been applied in practice in athletics clubs in the UK.

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Mental Wellbeing in Sport & Physical Activity

Aimed at those who participate in sport and their support networks such as coaches, family and medical support staff.

The benefits of this module are:

  1. Have a greater awareness of common mental health disorders and their prevalence amongst sports people.
  2. Recognise some of the warning signs of common mental health disorders.
  3. Have an increased understanding of how the pressures of sport can impact on mental health.
  4. Understand the health benefits of participating in sport and physical activity.
  5. Know what to do if you are concerned about someone or yourself.
  6. Know how to promote mental well-being in sport.

The module features:

  • optional narration of each module for accessibility.
  • additional resources for further learning and printable handouts and a downloadable module for future reference.
  • produced specifically for sport & physical activity.

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Preventing Bullying in Sport

Whether participating in a sport, coaching or volunteering, everyone should be aware of what bullying is and how it can be prevented.

This is a short online course to help prevent bullying in sport.

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